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Forget-Me-Not Friday – August 28, 2009

28 Aug

* Re-connecting with a dear friend after a very long summer!

 * Adeline recognizing icons of the Theotokos and blowing kisses to them.

 *  The feeling of finally beginning to finish something…(long overdue) BA, here I come!

  *  Realizing that I’m far too rational to deal with irrational people.


26 Aug

The Canters are home and the girls are getting used to each other, once again!


One-year Photos

25 Aug

Today was Adeline’s first photo shoot since she was eleven days old!    These were done at The Picture People and she did great! 










Didn’t they do a beatiful job? Of course, the model is very photogenic.  If you want to get any photos done at The Picture People, let me know.  I have coupons for one free 8×10 per sitting!

Ice Cream Social

22 Aug

Today was the Ice Cream Social mixer to meet and greet our newest members of the community…oh, and Adeline’s very first (mini) ice cream cone!

Mini cone with sprinkles

Mini cone with sprinkles


Matthew and a delicious dish of ice cream.

Matthew and a delicious dish of ice cream.


Adeline's first self portrat

Adeline's first self portrat

Adeline the usual

Adeline the usual

Adeline Skywalker

Adeline Skywalker


Playing in the dirt with a couple of pals

Playing in the dirt with a couple of pals

Forget-Me-Not Friday – August 21, 2009

21 Aug

Woah, I’ve lapsed on these this month!

I hope to rememember:

-Adeline taking us for a walk.  She walked all the way from the Peaks to Shelton Hall and part way back!  She chose the path and we let her go!

-Matthew showing a picture book to Adeline.  He says, “And that’s a lady bug.  There are male ladybugs, Adeline.  Isn’t that so silly?”

– Adeline’s reunion with her friend after a long summer apart – they held hands (for a moment)!

– The feeling of our community members, old and new, meeting, greeting, and figuring each other out.


How to exhaust one’s child…

19 Aug


Cushing Park in Delafield (across from Kurt’s Steakhouse):









And Roosevelt Park in Oconomowoc ( on Forrest Street).  Adeline is wearing the same dress, but it was a different day!  This is our favorite park so far.
















12 Month Appointment or Adeline Gets Down

18 Aug

Matthew and I took Adeline to her twelve month appointment this morning.  She weighed in at 19 lbs even and 28 inches (15th percentile for both), so she’ll be facing backwards in the car for awhile  She also received FOUR shots and had to have her finger pricked for lead and iron tests. Does it look like it slowed her down at all?

Sorry for the topless baby.  We have a nightly dance party at our house after dinner and before bathtime, so she had just thoroughly saturated her dress with her dinner.