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Happy 7th Anniversary, My Love!

31 May

Dear Husband,

Seven years ago we sat together in the reception hall in the early morning waiting for the ancient cake-lady to finish setting up our wedding cake.  By that moment on that blessed Saturday we were exhausted, elated, and ready to spend our lives together.  I remember thinking then, “How much better can this get?”  Wow, did it get better.

When I think of you, when I really consider Matthew and our life together, gratefulness seeps into every bit of my being.  I am grateful for all of (well, most of!) our memories together, for the friend, husband, and father that you are, and, most of all, for the man of God that you are becoming every day.

Our last year’s journey has been a tumultuous one with joys abundant and some deep disappointment in contrast.  I would not change a moment of sharing it with you.  No matter the length or difficulty of the path to your hopes and dreams, I am honored and blessed to walk along.

I love you for the way you brag about seeing my ovaries during my c-section, for the way you accept Adeline’s slobbery kisses without hesitation, how you immerse yourself in your projects, and the way I can expect your support with every new idea I have.  I love you beyond belief and compare.

A very happy seven years we have had and I pray for many, many more years of blessings together.  Happy anniversary, my dear.




Poetry Wednesday – May 26, 2010

26 May

In five days Matthew and I will celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary.  We met, fell in love, and married young.  We often heard (and even said), “Are you sure?  Are you really sure?”  Never have I doubted that this is the man I am to spend my life with.  Over the years we have learned how to grow as individuals while growing together as a couple.  I cannot begin to explain our relationship here, but rather want to share a beautiful poem by Wendell Berry.  What a wonderful thing it is to love, to be willing to sacrifice for it, and to be the recipient of it.

Like The Water

by Wendell Berry


Like the water
of a deep stream,
love is always too much.
We did not make it.
Though we drink till we burst,
we cannot have it all,
or want it all.
In its abundance
it survives our thirst.
In the evening we come down to the shore
to drink our fill,
and sleep,
while it flows
through the regions of the dark.
It does not hold us,
except we keep returning to its rich waters
We enter,
willing to die,
into the commonwealth of its joy.


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Parents’ Mom and Toddler Fitness DVD {Review}

21 May

Our family has a membership to our local YMCA. I really do enjoy going but I have a difficult time making it there with our busy schedules.  I record some workouts from Fit TV to use if/when I don’t get to the gym.  The trouble with that is that I cannot do them until Adeline goes to bed.  She is far to active to let me do Pilates in peace!

Then, earlier this week, I found Parents’ Mom and Toddler Fitness DVD at a thrift store.  Adeline and I missed out on all of those mom and baby classes because of work, so I hoped this would be a good solution to my at-home-exercising predicament.  I snatched the DVD up and gave it a shot that afternoon.

I was expecting a workout video, instead I found a small treasure trove of ideas on how to be extra physically involved in play with Adeline.  Adeline enjoyed watching the babies on screen, trying to do the exercises herself, and she especially loved anything that involved me lifting her up and swinging her around!  Now, I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who is looking for a serious workout, but would definitely recommend it to those of you who are looking for a bit extra exercise during a very busy day full of parenting.  While it’s not a super high intensity workout, my muscles still burn from the squats, lunges, and mountain climbers, and Adeline asked today for “Up! Up! Down!”  I count it successful in the Moore household!

If you click on the photo above, it will take you to the site for the DVD.

Poetry Wednesday – May 19, 2010

19 May

I love to watch a poet play with words – to use them as little pieces in a great big game.  The tome of this poem is pretty somber, but it’s quite a feat to make a few simple words say so much.



by Craig Arnold

There is no I in teamwork
but there is a two maker.
there is no I in together
but there is a got three
a get to her
the I in relationship
is the heart I slip on
a lithe prison
in all communication
we count on a mimic
(I am not uncomic)
our listening skills
are silent killings
there is no we in marriage
but a grim area
there is an I in family
also my fail
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Adeline Muad’Dib

16 May

Scene:  Adeline’s bedroom at 11:00PM.  She is sleeping soundly and Matthew and I are watching her sleeping like an angel and talking about the sweet girl.

Matthew:  This could be like Dune.  She might be awake but pretending to sleep – you know, metering her breath so we think she’s asleep and she can gain intelligence.

Jennifer:  (Laughing.)  We can find out pretty easily.  (Leaning towards Adeline and whispering) Adeline, if you wake up right now you can have some ice cream.

Adeline: (Eyes shoot open and she sits up)  Keem?

Matthew: Adeline Muad’Dib!

Disclaimer:  I have never seen Dune. I’ve seen parts of it in passing, but certainly not intentionally.  If this makes no sense, it’s Matthew’s fault.

A Very Lovely Saturday

15 May

Quite some time ago we made plans with friends to have lunch.  Last time they came here to Nashotah so this time we went to their turf – Madison.  We decided to take off in the morning and visit the Madison Zoo.  The zoo is free and very nice.  Adeline loved everything and cried whenever we had to leave an exhibit!  Afterwards we had a nice lunch and enjoyed excellent company.

Enjoy some pictures from our trip to the zoo!

Poetry Wednesday – May 12, 2010

12 May

Today would have been my dad’s 61st birthday.  Though he was just barely 52 when he died, I have no trouble imagining him as he might have been today had he lived.  Though human beings are dynamic by nature, my father was awfully static.  He loved information, his family, and technology.  At the very end of his life he learned to love God and His grace.  But my dad, like all of us, had his faults, too.  One of the funnier of them was his big talk/little action way of life.  He could, indeed, solve all the world’s problems by breakfast only to solve them all again in a different (but as equally brilliant) way by lunch.  Write a letter to his representative about it?  He’ll get to that tomorrow.

He was a lovely man and I miss him desperately.  His quirks remain always in my heart, and luckily for me, Edgar Albert Guest wrote them down for me.  Now, my dad was  a little handier than the father in this poem, but you get the gist.


by Edgar Albert Guest
My father knows the proper way
…..The nation should be run;
He tells us children every day
…..Just what should now be done.
he knows the way to fix the trusts,
…..He has a simple plan;
But if the furnace needs repairs,
…..We have to hire a man.
My father, in a day or two
…..Could land big thieves in jail;
There’s nothng that he cannot do,
…..He knows no word like “fail.”
“Our confidence” he would restore,
…..Of that there is no doubt;
But if there is a chair to mend,
…..We have to send it out.
All public questions that arise,
…..He settles on the spot;
He waits not till the tumult dies,
…..But grabs it while it’s hot.
In matters of finance he can
…..Tell Congress what to do’
But, O, he finds it hard to meet
…..His bills as they fall due.
It almost makes him sick to read
…..The thing law-makers say’
Why, father’s just the man they need,
…..He never goes astray.
All wars he’d very quickly end,
…..As fast as I can write it’
But when a neighbor starts a fuss,
…..‘Tis mother has to fight it.
In conversation father can
…..Do many wondrous thigns’
He’s built upon a wiser plan
…..Than presidents or kings.
He knows the ins and outs of each
…..And every deep transaction;
We look to him for theories,
…..But look to ma for action.
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