12 Month Appointment or Adeline Gets Down

18 Aug

Matthew and I took Adeline to her twelve month appointment this morning.  She weighed in at 19 lbs even and 28 inches (15th percentile for both), so she’ll be facing backwards in the car for awhile  She also received FOUR shots and had to have her finger pricked for lead and iron tests. Does it look like it slowed her down at all?

Sorry for the topless baby.  We have a nightly dance party at our house after dinner and before bathtime, so she had just thoroughly saturated her dress with her dinner.


One Response to “12 Month Appointment or Adeline Gets Down”

  1. Pam and Paul Kimmel August 18, 2009 at 6:20 pm #

    Adeline kept us amused for a long time. She really gets into the music. What a little cutie!

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