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An open letter to Matthew Moore on the eve of our sixth wedding anniversary.

30 May


Dearest  Matthew,

I write this little letter here for the world to see the love and adoration I feel for you.  Six years ago we pledged our love and devotion to each other before God. We entered into the sacrament of marriage and became one in life in the eyes of our Creator.  Not a day goes by that I don’t praise Him for you.  Not one day.

Though I nag and whine and pout,  you but smile at me and tell me that it’s cute when I know you should probably wish you could shake the living tar out of me. 

When I come flying up the stairs  because “something” made the table “fly” at me in the possessed basement, you go down with me to pick it all up.

When I haven’t one ounce of will to go to the gym, you push me out the door because you know I will feel better about myself when I’m done.

When I was trying to learn how to nurse Adeline, you went to the store and bought any product you thought could ease my pain.  You refused to go buy formula when I begged you to because you knew how important nursing is to me.

You affirm me always.  I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that you don’t tell me that I’m beautiful no matter if I believe you or not.

You remind me daily that I’m a woman before I’m a mother.  That I deserve some time to enjoy my hobbies.  You never discourage and only build me up.

Simply put, you are the most wonderful man I could have imagined marrying.  Do you know how absolutely and deeply I love you?  You shall now as will the whole world (or the three people who read this blog!).

I love you, I appreciate you, and I believe in you!  Happy Anniversary!


10 Months Old

29 May
Adeline and a new book she picked up.  Just some light reading!

Adeline and a new book she picked up. Just some light reading!

Adeline turns ten months old tomorrow! Since I’ve kept pretty you all pretty up to date with all she’s doing, I thought I would steal an idea from my friend, Lisa. 

Here are 10 (you know, because she’s ten months old) facts about Adeline:

1.   This girl loves to be upside down!  She will giggle, giggle, giggle!

2.  Adeline sings as she plays. “Doo, doo, doo”

3.  If you mix a food she doesn’t like with a food she does, she somehow divides the two, swallows the desirable, and ejects the undesirable.

4.  Her music of choice (though she likes ALL kinds) is  metal.  No joke.  She is out like a light in the car as soon as we turn on some Cave In.

5.  After ten months of diaper changes, Adeline still cries and tries to sit up every time.  You would think she’d be use to it by now!

6.   Whenever I leave the house or leave her at Miss Ashley’s, she sobs until I’m out of the door and then quickly calms down and starts playing.  It’s like she’s saying, “Mama will feel bad if she thinks I won’t miss her.”

7.  If Adeline starts crying in the middle of the night, there’s a good chance she’s sitting straight up but still asleep.  Her Papa was a sleepwalker.  This doesn’t bode well!

8.  If you put a book (especially a board book) in front of her, she will turn the pages correctly. 

            (sub-fact)  She also knows where to touch on her Touch and Feel books.

9.  She grinds her teeth while she falls asleep.  It makes me cringe!

10.  If Papa sings, she sings with him.  They make the cutest and most beautiful sounding duet ever!

Matthew Started a New Blog

29 May

Matthew has started a new personal blog to chronicle what he’s doing this summer and (hopefully) continue into the school year with what he’s been learning. Matthew has an amazing opportunity to teach and preach this summer, so I think it will be fun to see what he’s learning. You can check it out at


28 May

Completely by accident I found out that Adeline is easily entertained!  All I’m doing in the video is creeping my hand towards her and pulling it away and saying “Zoooop!” when she tries to grab it!  Listen to that gutteral laugh!

“I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.” 1 Samuel 1:26-28

27 May


Every night while I put Adeline to bed I pray for her.  I pray that she will sleep through the night so that she (and I) may feel rested, renewed, and prepared for the next day.  I pray that God will send His angels to surround her crib, give them charge over her, and do battle for her as necessary.  I pray that every day that He will turn her heart towards Him and that she will be submissive to His will for her life. Continue reading

Matthew’s Update

26 May

Yes, indeed, I have truly skimped on my blogging duties. Not that Jenny really needs any help; she’s certainly more gifted with words than I am. I will try to do my very best to give you a reasonably full explanation of who I am after my first year at Nashotah House.
Continue reading

Just a few pictures

25 May


Look at the wavy hair!
Look at the wavy hair!


This is what I find in the high chair after Adeline "feeds" herself.

This is what I find in the high chair after Adeline "feeds" herself.