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Forget-Me-Not Friday– January 29, 2010

30 Jan

–  This week Adeline has attached herself to her baby doll and can now say “baby” instead of “deba”.

–  She can repeat each letter in the alphabet after you say them very clearly to her.

– We made pudding finger paints on Thursday.  She had a blast!

– Matthew received blessing from His Eminence to attend Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary in the fall!

– Today Adeline and I went to The Children’s Play Gallery, then Papa took us out for dinner.  It was a wonderful day!


Poetry Wednesday – January 27, 2010

27 Jan

I first read Donald Hall’s Without as a senior in high school, about six months after my father died of cancer.  Donald Hall wrote this book after his wife, Jane Kenyon, lost her long battle with cancer. Every moment reading this book is heartwrenching.

A friend from college lost her mother this past week from cancer, and all of the emotions from my dad’s death were stirred up in me again. I turned to Without as catharsis.  This is the final poem in the book of many (all) gems.

Weeds and Peonies

by Donald Hall


Your peonies burst out, white as snow squalls,

with red flecks at their shaggy centers

in your border of prodigies by the porch.

I carry one magnanimous blossom indoors

and float it in a glass bowl, as you used to do.


Ordinary pleasures, contentment recollected,

blow like snow into the abandoned garden,

overcoming the daisies.  Your blue coat

vanishes down Pond Road into imagined snowflakes

with Gus at your side, his great tail swinging,


but you will not reappear, tired and satisfied,

and grief’s repeated particles suffuse the air–

like the dog yipping through the entire night,

or the cat stretching awake, then curling

as if to dream of her mother’s milky nipples.


A raccoon dislodged a geranium from its pot.

Flowers, roots, and dirt lay upended

in the back garden where lilies begin

their daily excursions above stone walls

in the season of old roses.  I pace beside weeds


and snowy peonies, staring at Mount Kearsarge

where you climbed wearing purple hiking boots.

“Hurry back.  Be careful, climbing down.”

your peonies lean their vast heads westward

as if they might topple.  Some topple.


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26 Jan

Today Matthew headed into Chicago to meet with His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos and Fr. Dokos (our priest) to gain His Eminence’s formal approval for Matthew to attend Holy Cross this next fall.  Matthew left us this morning hopeful and returned a future seminarian from the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago!

So, it is official.  We will be moving to Boston, Mass. sometime this summer. The next hurdle is to see if we can get on-campus housing.  When we visited in October, we were told there were only six apartments left, and two weeks ago there were only two remaining.  I’d love to be on-campus as a recent convert because it would be wonderful to be around others who have lived the Faith for much longer than I have.  To be surrounded by Greek culture and language would be a huge blessing.  Not to mention the benefit (as we have here at Nashotah House) to Matthew to be able to walk from home to chapel/classes in moments.  My heart isn’t exactly aching to move out east, and this one little detail coming into place would make the prospect much easier for me.  Your prayers are requested!

Now the transition begins, but for tonight it’s all success.  Congratulations, Matthew Thomas!

All Danced Out

25 Jan

When we’re bored in the Moore household (well, when Adeline is bored), we dance.  Pandora’s toddler radio, XM radio, or iPod comes out and we dance, dance, dance.  Well, friends, I’m tired of dancing!  Sit down, then, you say?  Alas, I cannot.  Adeline will pull, push, and try to stand me up.  A dance party is not complete unless you have a partner.

That being said, I’m looking for good, creative ideas for things to do with a rather rambunctious, smart eighteen-month old.  Resources, ideas, whatever, I’d love to hear what you do or have done.  This weather stinks and our attitudes are heading that direction, too.

This is what happens when "we're" bored.

So, what do you all do to keep your sanity in these winter months?

Forget-Me-Not Friday – January 22, 2010 (A day late)

23 Jan

– All in one day this week Adeline learned to:

fold her hands in prayer


repeat every single word we say

wiggle her hands by  her ears and say “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!” (Thanks, Matthew)

– Matthew debuted his voice on Fr. Peter’s podcast, Shepherd of Souls on Ancient Faith Radio.  That is him doing the introduction. He sounds fantastic.

-An unexpected overage from the closing of our house (six months ago!) and a much larger tax return than expected…just was I was worrying about how we would pay for our move to Boston in the summer.

– Adeline’s new found love of Toddler Radio on Pandora.  We listen to it and dance, dance, dance.

Poetry Wednesday – January 20, 2010

20 Jan

Loss And Gain

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When I compare
What I have lost with what I have gained,
What I have missed with what attained,
Little room do I find for pride.

I am aware
How many days have been idly spent;
How like an arrow the good intent
Has fallen short or been turned aside.

But who shall dare
To measure loss and gain in this wise?
Defeat may be victory in disguise;
The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide.

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19 Jan

She finally wears the apron…as long as Mama wears her’s.