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You don’t say!

31 Aug

Ah, but she does say!  My girl is a talker, and she’s starting to learn the ins and outs of the English language…and some Greek.  Well, to be clear, she speaks in English but always, always chants in Greek.  Here are some recent gems.

Adeline and I were playing in her Playhut and tunnel when I pretended (I swear!) to get stuck in the tunnel.  Adeline screams at the top of her lungs “Mama, stuck!  Mama stuck!” and then looked at me and calmly said, “Don’t worry, Mama.  You’ll be fine!”

When Adeline was being especially naughty (jumping in the bathtub, I think), I said, “Adeline, no!  There are rules!”  Adeline quickly responded, “Rules are beeping (sleeping)!”   I corrected her and said, “Rules are always awake!”  Now she walks around saying, “Rules are awake!”

Like most two-year-olds, Adeline is way into the world ‘no’.  Today I asked if she wanted to play ‘Miss Mary Mack’ with me.  She replied, “No Macks, Mama!”…and then proceeded to play.

Walking down the stairs she says to me, “No, no, no, Mama! A don’t pay on stayers!”  I really wasn’t playing on the stairs, but I guess she’s heard that a time or two!

I showed her pictures the other day from our recent picnics, and now she begs for pictures of  “Margaret and Adeline and hugging!”


Sweetly Sleeping Adeline

24 Aug

For the first time in over a year, my sweet baby girl fell asleep next to me tonight.  Not in hotel rooms, in my arms, or in our bed will Adeline calm herself long enough to drift off to sleep if Mama or Papa is there.  But this evening, with a crew of friends in the living room for video game night, Adeline said to me, “Mama lay down too?”  Like every time she asks, I give in and smush myself into that little toddler bed.  Usually I leave the room moments later after having been frustrated by her wiggling and giggling next to me.  But tonight she snuggled in and her breath gradually slowed to soft, rhythmic in and exhalations, and she was out.

Nothing throws me back to Adeline’s infancy quicker than watching her sleep.  As I watch her, I half expect her to wake up and give me that brand new baby wail, or maybe she’ll stretch out, root around, and do her “fours” (her trademark four fingered stretch).  Instead she speaks in her sleep, “Luboo,Mama” or “Oh, no!  Way my tig? (Where’s my pig?)”

She’s an independent little thing, and I’m grateful to her and to God for these sweet little moments when the impossible is possible, and I cradle my newborn two years after her birth.

The Late Night Crew

4 Aug

This is what I call The Late Night Crew. From the left, going clockwise:  Big Pillow, Sheep, Bear, Pig, Cupcake Pillow, and their fearless leader, Adeline.  This crew might go to bed at 7:00 PM, but they’ve been known to stay up singing and chatting until 9:00 PM.  This toddler and her “aninals” or “babies” can grind out an all-nighter with the best of them, as long as she’s had her energy drink (apple juice) and an after-dinner snack, “walwinds” (almonds).

A Few Birthday Photos

3 Aug

Driving to the refectory for breakfast with Papa

Breakfast with Papa!

Sliding at Monkey Joe's

The Cake! And my little taste-tester.

Dear Adeline, You Are Two

30 Jul

Dear Adeline,

Today you turned two years old.  You woke with a smile and it lasted through the entire day.  We drove your new tricycle to the refectory for breakfast with Papa, cuddled with your new cupcake pillow, frosted your cake together, went to Monkey Joe’s, ate Mexican food for dinner, had your cupcake cake for dessert, and played with your new bath toys before bed.  I enjoyed and savored every moment of this day with you, constantly remembering the moments of your birth day two years ago.

You have changed immensely from those first days.  Today you are the spunkiest, smartest, most energetic little girl I know.  When you wake up in the morning, you have the day’s agenda worked out and start immediately.  “Papa! Mama! Papa!” you call from your bed – refusing to get out of it until we open your door.  Breakfast, if it were solely up to you, would consist of graham crackers, apple juice, and yogurt.  Homemade muffins on hand?  You’ll take one of those, too.

You spend your days doing puzzles, reading stories, and talking, talking, talking!  Your vocabulary is expanding rapidly, and we are always anxious to see what words and phrases you will learn to use next.  Your current favorite word seems to be “tuptake!” (cupcake).  If asked what you would like for breakfast, you say “tuptake”!  When asked what you wanted for your birthday, the answer was a strong “tuptake”!  For your birthday, I made you a cupcake pillow and a cupcake cake to match.  You wore your cupcake pajamas the night before, and had  cupcake (a donut, actually.  You didn’t know the difference!) for breakfast.

You’re starting to break out into song, just like your Papa does.  Today we heard a couple of Signing Time songs, a song from a t.v. show we let you watch sometimes, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.    You have a strong little voice, and can carry a tune already.  I’m amazed at how well you remember song lyrics, and am always anxious to here whether you will do the “chucha chus” or sing the lyrics to our favorite song, Sweet Adeline.  And my, aren’t you the sweetest, sweetest Adeline?

You are a girly-girl to the fullest extent.  You prefer dresses and skirts, love the color pink, and seek your purse when leaving the house.  We still haven’t cut your hair because we’re terrified we’ll lose those sweet little curls.  You hate having your hair pulled back, mostly because you spend approximately 25 hours a day twirling the two curls that frame your face.  You twirl that hair while you play, read, feed goats at the zoo, eat your ice cream, bathe, and even sleep.  It melts my heart and I hope you never stop…well, not until you’re ten or so.

One of your favorite pastimes is being tickled.   I’ve never met someone who loved to be tickled, but you adore it.  Papa will tickle you just the teensiest bit, and you beg for more.  Beg.  “Moooore titoes? Pease? Pease, Papa? Pease?”  You love it, and neither your Mama or Papa will deny you your tickles.

Your second love is playing outside with your friends.  You know them by name, and know which parents go with which toddler.  You like to swing and and run with them.  You give each other hugs and cry when you have to part.  What’s sweeter than my two-year-old?  My little one and her dear little friends.

You are so loving, and often stop your play to give kisses, eskimo kisses, or hugs.  You can be heard exclaiming  “Papa, you’re the best!” or “Yay, Mama! Yay!” when we’re completing some little task around the house.

You are the stubbornest thing.  You will not eat anything that does not meet your expectations.  You will not do anything unless you are ready (or absolutely forced).  You drive me insane sometimes, but usually I’m trying to stifle a laugh because you are so darn cute.

That little, bitty baby  that I met two years ago is now a twenty-six pounder and has caught up to her peers in height.  You remain developmentally on-target or ahead of the game.  I am so grateful that you have been blessed with good health and a strong mind.

Two years ago today you made me a mother.  I thought my heart would explode when I saw you, I was so in love.  I have had at least a daily meeting with that feeling since that day.  You are precious, irreplaceable, and heart-wrenchingly sweet.  How does anyone in this world live without knowing Adeline Moore?  I suppose they just don’t know what they are missing!

It’s 10:42 PM. In two minutes you will be exactly two years old, and I will give you a little kiss while my heart threatens to explode one more time.

Happy Birthday, my love.  Many years to you.

One Ade-liners

20 Jul

When told to go upstairs: “Downstairs are mine!”

When told to pick up her apple: “Apple is sleeping!”

When asked, “Do you love Papa” : “Papa?  Mmmmhmmm!”

Looking around in a thrift store: “Bear is in a bath!”  (Sure enough, there was a stuffed bear in a baby bath.)

As she spotted a dead worm on the sidewalk: “Pease, Mama! Pease!  Bug, Mama!”

Looking at her overnight diapers: “Mouse are sleeping and four!” (Mickey mouse is sleeping on the diaper and she wears size fours.)

At the playground, pointing to each child: “Bobert! Bobert! Emma! Et! Bobert!”  (Boys are ‘Boberts’ (Robert) and girls are either ‘Emma’ or ‘Et’ (Margaret) )

About one million times a day: “I funny! I funny!”