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What is that on your chest, young lady?

27 Mar


As Adeline tried to climb the baby gate, I saw something on her chest.  The conversation went something like this:

Mama: Adeline Moore, what is that on your chest, young lady?

Adeline: Nothing, Mama! (As she pulls up her sleeper)

Mama: Are those tattoos?

Adeline: Uncle Brad and Aunt Steph (her Godparents) got them for me!

Mama:  Well, they’d better come off with some baby oil!

And they do.


Adeline got these adorable little tattoos (and many more of them) from Uncle Brad and Aunt Steph.  She loves her little birdies!


Adeline’s First Swim

21 Mar

Seriously, she’s going to be the female Michael Phelps….minus the drug usage!

And some pictures because youtube butchers video quality and you can’t see how cute they are! (Click each picture to make it  bigger.)

Just to prove that I have the best husband ever

21 Mar


I found this rolled up and stuck in the spout of Adeline’s oatmeal box this morning.  One of the most stressful times in my day is getting Adeline and myself ready for the day.  What a sweetheart Matthew is!  He certainly made my morning a little brighter!

Sick Day

19 Mar

I stayed home sick today.  My throat is scratchy and my head has pounded most of the day.  But…it also meant that I spent the day being sick Mama.  Luckily, Adeline had a great day, which made my day not so bad.  Adeline was digging her sun hat today, so she wore it most of the morning. Enjoy a few pictures from the day.

What a difference a year makes

16 Mar

Experience Nashotah 2009 has come and gone.  We loved having the prospective students on campus and look forward to seeing who will enroll in the next year or two. 

This year Experience Nashotah was quite a wonderful and eye opening reminder of where we were one year ago and where we are today.  Mostly, I think about little Adeline.  During Experience Nashotah 2008, I was five months pregnant with the little one.  We didn’t even know whether she was a boy or a girl!


Adeline last March

Adeline this March
The wonders of God never cease to amaze me.  It still astounds me that little squirmy bean is now this little squirmy peanut!

Best Friends!

13 Mar
Adeline and Margaret (or as Matthew jokingly calls them…Margaline) have become the best of friends.   It seems that they’ve gone from not noticing each other to gravitating towards each other in no time!  Enjoy some recent pictures of Margaline!
They prefer each other's teething rings.

They prefer each other's teething rings.

"Hey, how do you suppose we scale this thing?"

"Hey, how do you suppose we scale this thing?"


The laundry basket is always a huge hit.
"Hi, Pal!"

"Hi, Pal!"


Dress up!

Dress up!

Quick Update

5 Mar

It’s been awhile since I’ve really written anything on here as life has somehow been both uneventful and hectic.  Of course, everyday is eventful with Adeline!

Adeline is now crawling everywhere!  No more of the worm- she moves on all fours.  She has taken to pulling herself up on furniture, the laundry basket, our legs…the dog, her toys, her jumper – you name it!


Adeline adores her Papa and crawls as fast as she can to him when he comes in the door.  I’ve never seen cheesy grins like the ones she gives him…it’s adorable!

She has, however, started having some separation anxiety problems when I leave her at Miss Ashley’s in the morning.  As soon as she transfers arms, she screams, wails, and weeps.  What a horrible sound to a Mama that has to walk out the door.  Luckily, I know she is safe and loved at the Canters’.  Ashley often calls to tell me that Adeline settled right as I pulled away or to tell me that she’s been having a good day.  I even got pictures at work the other day!

Matthew has been grinding along in his studies. It feels that we haven’t seen each other much at all but it seems that it’s worth it.  Early this week he got his first semester’s grade report…he did wonderfully!  It’s so wonderful to see him succeed in what he truly loves and is called to.

I have been busy planning our prospective student weekend, Experience Nashotah.  I’ve put in quite a few extra hours at night-time and have had jam-packed days at work.  It’s been busy but enjoyable.  I will, however, be glad on March 14th when it is all over!  Otherwise, not much is different in our world.  It feels quite wonderful to settle into a hum-drum cycle…it feels like home.

We pray you are all well and having a blessed Lent. Please remember Christ’s temptation and sacrifices in the wilderness daily in preparation for Holy Week.  It will be here before we know it!

Peace and love to you.