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First Birthday!

30 Jul

All week I’ve been thinking to myself, “At this time last year I was…”  Today has been rich in those moments.  As I type, I remember resting (finally) comfortably with the epidural that I dreaded, but was shaking as my body was energyless and in shock. At 10:44 pm on July 30, 2008 Adeline arrived via c-section.  She was stubborn even then!

Today, my friends, was pure joy!  The day started off with a new tradition – Matthew taking Adeline out for a Daddy-Daughter birthday breakfast. (I made him ask the waitress to take a picture.)


After breakfast was naptime.  After naptime, we went to The Children’s Play Gallery in Delafield.  Adeline had a blast (and really, so did we)






After an hour and a half, we went home and ate lunch, and then it was afternoon nap (for both Adeline and me while Matthew went to a doctor’s appointment.)  When we woke up, it was present time!  Thank you Grandma Pam and Paul and Debby for her gifts!  For now we are going to put them in her bank until there’s something she can’t live without.

And thank you Uncle Ed and Aunt Vickie for her book money!  We’re going to go shopping for a book this weekend.  We’ll show you what we get!

And thank you Uncle Brad and Aunt Steph for her shoes!!!  They are adorable and we can’t wait to get her in them!



Matthew and I didn’t want to lavish her with gifts so she received only a few things from us.  The first was her first Icon – A “Tender Mercy” Theotokos.


I made her a doll (which I’m not exactly proud of) but she seemed to love it.


A kiss for her new baby!


And then she got a pink $1 ball from Walmart…it was her favorite gift!

Then it was cake time!





Thank you all for all of your wishes, blessings and prayers.  It’s been a beautiful first year, and we’re looking forward to many, many more together!


Big Girl Carseat!

28 Jul

Adeline has made the switch to the big girl carseat, though she’s still not quite big enough to face forward.  She loves her new seat! Though you can’t tell in the picture…


She really, really loved the box the seat came in!



24 Jul

From this week, I’d like to remember…

-“It’s flower meat” – said by an anonymous husband…

-Matthew being so psyched about his late night egg scramble that he brought the whole thing, pan and all, to me (in the shower) to boast.

-Adeline pointing to the crucifix above her bed when I say, “Where’s Jesus?”

-The peace that has come from falling in love with the Orthodox church.

Matthew’s take on the conversion issue…

23 Jul

Can be found here:

He goes far deeper into our thoughts, history, and future.


20 Jul

So, part of exploring the Greek Orthodox Church is exploring the Greek culture.  If/when we convert, we will be entering into an ethnic church which brings all of the beauty, language, and food(!) of the Greeks.  It is extremely gratifying to a couple of cultural mutts ( who do not celebrate any of our heritages) to consider raising our daughter in a very strong culture.

So, we’ve become very interested in all things Greek.  Especially Greek food.  We love Greek food.  Over the past few days I’ve made homemade spanakopita, pastitsio, and will make Greek meatballs tomorrow.  I never knew I liked feta cheese or phyllo dough! 

Tonight Matthew made galaktoboureko as a thank-you to the priest at the church we’ve been attending. Tomorrow he and Adeline will take it to Fr. Dokos.


They are soooooo yummy! I probably would have never attempted them, but Matthew dove right and did a beautiful job.  We’ve decided that they don’t look anything like the pictures, but taste amazing anyway.  I’ve made him promise a fresh batch once a week!

It’s curtains for me!

19 Jul

Actually, they’re curtains for Liners.

My daughter is almost one year old and I finally finished the curtains for her room.  The really sad part?  They’re tab-top curtains that my mother-in-law purchased…all I had to do was add the trim!   Oh, well.  They’re done now!



They look kind of wonky in the pictures, but I assure you, they are not wonky.  Now I’m on to starting a little doll for Adeline’s first birthday (still can’t type that without getting a little panicky).  Perhaps I will get it done in time for her sweet sixteen!

Forget-Me-Not Friday – July 17, 2009

17 Jul

Lord, please help me remember

* the little puffs of breath on my face from my cuddled in, soundly sleeping baby.

* the big ‘ol, open-mouthed pecking kisses I get in the morning.

* the enjoyment on Matthew’s face while eating the homemade spanakopita I’ve been promising him for weeks.

* Adeline trying to eat the bubbles off the end of the wand.


* and these moments: