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26 Feb

Well, Adeline has started crawling…but she’d much rather scoot because it’s much quicker!  Here’s a short video (You should know that she’s gone further than this…it’s just the only video we have):

And because it’s so darn cute, here’s a giggling video!


Happy Birthday, Grandma!

25 Feb

Grandma Pam turns…well, she turns a big number today!  We are grateful for her love and everything she does for us.  I (Jennifer) must admit that every year on Mom’s birthday, I think of her as a survivor and thank God for this one more birthday that she fought for seven years ago.  Mom, we are truly thankful for every one of your years.

Adeline wishes to say “Happy birthday, Grandma!”


While waiting for Matthew to come home.

21 Feb

Am I reading a book? No.

A magazine? No.

Working on one of the many craft projects I have started/planned? No/

I discovered…




Where are you, mom?

18 Feb

Adeline has figured out that if we’re not in the living room we’ve gone down the hall somewhere.  She intends to follow us wherever we may go.  See the huge baby shadow creeping?  All of a sudden from around the corner out pops this mini-baby!

Daddy/Daughter Sweetheart Dance

14 Feb

Matthew and Adeline went to the Daddy/Daughter Sweetheart dance here at Nashotah House.  Some posed pictures were taken at the dance, but we haven’t received those yet so here are some pre-dance ones.

So excited to go out with Papa!


The cutest couple at the hop…



On their way to the dance



The dance was in the basement of the refectory and was a formal occasion.  As you can see, Adeline got a little extra use out of her Christmas dress and Matthew looked quite dapper himself.  What a wonderful tradition for the two of them to have!  The dance started at 6:30 and Matthew had the baby home by 7:15!  They mingled, were photographed, danced the Electric Slide and to Shout! and were home before I knew it.  Adeline was exhausted – she took a bath and went straight to bed.  What a night!

First sweater

13 Feb

0012Mine, not Adeline’s.  This is the first sweater I’ve ever knit and it’s for Miss Adeline.  I regret the thickness of the yarn but it looks so dang cute on her anyway. It’s a kimono sweater.




11 Feb