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One Ade-liners

20 Jul

When told to go upstairs: “Downstairs are mine!”

When told to pick up her apple: “Apple is sleeping!”

When asked, “Do you love Papa” : “Papa?  Mmmmhmmm!”

Looking around in a thrift store: “Bear is in a bath!”  (Sure enough, there was a stuffed bear in a baby bath.)

As she spotted a dead worm on the sidewalk: “Pease, Mama! Pease!  Bug, Mama!”

Looking at her overnight diapers: “Mouse are sleeping and four!” (Mickey mouse is sleeping on the diaper and she wears size fours.)

At the playground, pointing to each child: “Bobert! Bobert! Emma! Et! Bobert!”  (Boys are ‘Boberts’ (Robert) and girls are either ‘Emma’ or ‘Et’ (Margaret) )

About one million times a day: “I funny! I funny!”