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This Cross

2 Sep

I’ve been asked about this cross three times within the last week.  I’ve worn it for eleven years, and it has lived far longer than I.

This cross was with my grandmother over seventy years ago on her first communion in the Roman Catholic Church.

When she was a young girl it was stolen from her home, and somehow, someway recovered from the thieves before they could pawn it.

She gave to me for my sixteenth birthday, and I wore it every Sunday when I found my way back to the Roman Catholic Church.

Then I wore it the evangelical United Methodist church I found a home in when I was a teenager.

I wore it when I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church,

and when we baptized our daughter in the Anglican Church.

And finally, I wore it and it was blessed when we were chrismated into the Holy Orthodox Church.

This cross has had quite a history and has found itself in many, many different churches, but I am pleased to know that it’s found its final destination, as have I, in the Orthodox Faith.