Saying Goodbye to our Koumbari/Nouno

4 Jul

Today Michael, our friend and sponsor into the Orthodox Church, is leaving for Tanzania.  He will be serving God there as a missionary through the Orthodox Christian Missionary Center for the next two years.  We are so sad to see him go, but so proud of and thankful for his ministry.  I know that he will serve well.

Michael is very dear to us.  A year ago we crept into Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church as searchers with very little understanding of the Greek culture or Orthodox life.  We were quickly introduced to Michael by many of the older ladies in the church – they adore him!  We had lunch together a few times, and we really enjoyed his company. When it came time to find a sponsor for our Chrismation, it only made sense to ask him and I’m so thankful we did.  We didn’t understand then what sponsoring us into the church really meant.  It’s a big responsibility and Michael took us on.

Michael is  part of our family, and he and his family have graciously allowed us to be a part of theirs.  He has helped us to learn the Faith and we are forever, forever grateful to him.  But now is his time to go on and serve with the best of his of his abilities and talents.  To let his faith and his God lead him into full-time, selfless servant-hood.  He goes with our love, thoughts, and very many prayers.  Adeline will miss her “Nono” and we will miss our friend.

Friends, being a missionary is not easy – it doesn’t pay well…or at all.  Funding is sometimes hard to find and secure.  If you are able and feel so led, I know a very worthy, unworthy servant whose ministry could benefit from any funding you might be able to give .  Please remember Michael in your prayers over the next few years.  There is no greater gift.


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