Our Saturday

19 Jun

Matthew hasn’t been able to sleep in for months.  So, when Adeline woke up this morning I flipped off the monitor, shushed her, and fed and readied the two of us for the day.  I figured that our best bet for not waking Papa was to leave for a bit, so Adeline and I decided to run to some rummage sales.

Lines is an excellent rummager.  When we stop in front of a sale she says, “Ready? Otay, Mama!  Ready!”  I load her into her umbrella stroller, arm myself with Triscuits, and we shop. She generally keeps her arms and hands to herself and chats with whoever will listen and reply when expected. Today was no different – she was an excellent shopping partner.  Unfortunately, we found nothing!   When I was loading her into her car seat after a particularly disappointing sale, I had my car keys in my mouth while buckling her in.  She took them out of my mouth and put them in hers.  I said, “No, don’t do that. I had the keys in my mouth because one needs at least three arms to deal with an Adeline, but I only have two!”  Adeline replied, “Yeah…Sorry, Mama!”

Afterwards we came home to a very congested Matthew.  The poor man went to the urgent care clinic where he found out he had acute bronchitis, a sinus infection, and possibly pneumonia.  His x-rays came out good, so onto antibiotics he went.

Adeline and I spent the afternoon swinging, walking, and playing outside.  I remembered an idea I saw for older children, but new Adeline would love it, too.  I went into the house and got some packing tape.  We set out for a little nature walk to make these Nature Bracelets (idea found here).  She did love it!

Nature Bracelets

We continued walking until we got to the ‘house’ (the bus stop on campus).  This is Adeline’s very favorite spot to play and jump.  So, we spent quite a bit of time there jumping, running, and playing in the house.  Just about the time I was thinking about how lovely and successful our afternoon activity was, Adeline fell off of the bench in the bus stop and hit the back of her head on the floor.  Poor girl!  I scooped her up and walked the sobbing dear home.  On the way she realized that I had a lot of leaves, dirt, etc. on my shirt from picking her up. Through her sobs she said, “Mess, Mama.  Mess!” and brushed the debris from my shirt.  She also, at my prompting, told me that her name was “Nines” and she was “uhn” year old… almost “toooo!”

By the time we got home, I felt guilty about letting her play where she could get hurt like that, and promptly began fixing a preservative-filled junk dinner…complete with broccoli saturated in cheese(?) sauce to add just a little more guilt onto the pile of guilt. Guilt, guilt, guilt.  That’s probably one of the most commonly used words in mothers’ vocabulary, don’t you  think?

In any event, she seemed to enjoy her day, I certainly enjoyed the day (injury aside), and Matthew got some much-needed rest.  A rather lovely Saturday we had.


One Response to “Our Saturday”

  1. pam and paul kimmel June 20, 2010 at 5:49 am #

    It sound like you and Adeline had a wonderful and memorable day. great idea about the bracelets I will have my day care kids make them, they will love it. We hope Matthew feels better soon.

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