Your Soul is God’s, Your Memory Mine

3 Jun

Lying in bed last night as June 2nd departed and June 3rd arrived, the moment came that marked exactly nine years since my dad died.  For the hour after, I could do little but think about what those moments were like those years ago.  They were some of the most difficult, surreal, and spiritually profound moments of my life.  Those feelings and memories are not ones I will soon forget, but they are not ones I consider very often.

There are extraordinary things that happened in those moments, baffling things even, that shook and strengthened and changed my seventeen year-old life.  I typed many of them here only to delete them, because while to God belongs the glory and my father’s soul, the memories and feelings remain my own.  Instead of corny poems or engraved angels on his headstone, those words in the title of this post are placed as a reminder to all that visit his grave.

My dad was a man.  A man with many faults and many lovely qualities.  He made me laugh, taught me to love and appreciate music, urged me to learn, learn learn, and truly loved his family.  He encouraged me to be different, to do what was right, to think everything through, and never take information handed to me without inspecting and considering it.   I miss him desperately and every day.  That grief is no longer pervasive but, oh, it remains.


One Response to “Your Soul is God’s, Your Memory Mine”

  1. pam and paul kimmel June 4, 2010 at 4:56 am #

    Yesterday was a day of remembrance for me also. Your dad was a headstrong man with a marshmallow heart and I miss him too.

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