The Many Faces of Popsicle-eating Adeline

1 Jun

This was Adeline’s first homemade popsicle of the summer – orange juice and blueberries (with lots of water to make it not quite as sweet).  She was unsure of the texture and temperature at first, but quickly warmed to it.  Shortly after these photos were taken, we wandered outside where she, the patio chair, and I were soon covered in melted popsicle.  Yay for summer!

Now, on a side note.  This little girl still melts my heart in (most) every interaction I have with her.  She is a pistol, that’s for sure, but she is the sweetest, most loving little toddler.  She loves to call “Damaw” (Grandma) and will blow kisses at the phone before we ever get her on the line.  She is the most serious kiss-giver I’ve ever met.  Her eyes focus (generally on something/someone other than the intended target), she purses those lips intently, and she plants a kiss in just the right place.  When Matthew gets home she says, “Papa home!  Papa home!”  And if you accidentally knock her down, or she has a diaper rash, or if she hurts herself and you say “Oh, I’m sorry, Adeline,”  she will promptly pat your cheek and say, “Otay, Mama (or Papa, etc.), otay!”

This kid, that face you see up there, makes my heart ache with love every time I look at her. I mean hurt with a fullness of love that is both selfless and gluttonous for that 26 lb little being – funny faces, sticky hands, stubbornness and all.


One Response to “The Many Faces of Popsicle-eating Adeline”

  1. pam and paul kimmel June 2, 2010 at 4:55 am #

    HOW CUTE!!! She melts my heart also. We love you Adeline

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