State of the Moores

11 May

Good News! Great News!  I no longer lean 45 degrees to the right when I stand up.  My knees are level with each other again.  I don’t sound like I’m eighty-seven multiple times a day when I say, “Yeah, I herniated a disc.”  What this means at home is that I can now dance for hours with Adeline, kneel to pull weeds in our dinky garden, and spring clean.  Of those three things I’ve succeeded totally in the first, haven’t tried the second, and am currently failing miserably at the third.  I can bend over and pick up those crumbs under Adeline’s booster seat but I’m just not.  Maybe tomorrow.  But I DID workout tonight.  That’s something, right?

So far this break from school has been a bit of a letdown.  I’ve gotten next to nothing done around the house, haven’t scheduled the CLEP tests I need to take,  lost the six pounds I wanted to lose by now, sewed a darn thing, or read a book.  Well, the day after I finished my last final I did start and finish a whole book.  But other than that, I haven’t started anything.  I’ve got to get a move on!

We’re dealing with the unexpected and disappointing news that Holy Cross isn’t in our 2010 future.  It’s taken a huge change of thought and planning on our behalf, and we’re dealing with all of the implications of that every day.  I was so ready to become a full-time stay-at-home mom,  Matthew was so ready to get back to his full-time studies, andwe were both ready to be fully engaged in an Orthodox community. Fortunately, this delay does benefit us in many ways.  It’ll give us more time to live the Orthodox faith before we head to seminary and we’ll most likely get on-campus housing when we do get to Boston.  We also trust the decision of the school and are grateful for the love and support of His Eminence and our priest. In other words, we’re dealing with it!

Adeline is amazing.  She is beyond adorable and sweet and intelligent…and manipulative and officially in her terrible-ish twos.  She got a new xylophone yesterday and is driving me insane with it.  Matthew decided that it was time to giver her a bit more responsibility so we got her a car – her first Cozy Coupe.  She climbs in, out, and then walks away.  She’d rather play with the broken one at the park.  She loves to sing “Apples and Bananas” and sings the last word of each of the lines in  “Sweet Adeline.”  she’s addicted to Signing Time and is a pro at singing the “Feelings” song.  Her favorite feeling to sign is ‘scared’.  It’s hard to believe that our baby blessing is a now a toddler, soon to be two-years old.  Two!

It is my desire to blog at least three times a week.  I’ve got a lot of things floating in my head that I’d like to share.  And goodness, I’m not doing anything else anyway.


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