Dear Mom,

8 May

Another year has passed and I’m still no good with card-sending!  Doting about you on the internet for all God’s technological creatures to read will have to do.

There have been very many ups and downs in the Moore family this year.  We have joyfully joined the Orthodox Church, had to put Reagan to sleep, lost some important relationships, watched Adeline grow and develop, and found that we were not to move to Boston this fall.  Through it all (here comes some cheesiness) you’ve been there.

I’m 99.9% confident in saying that I don’t think you understand the Orthodox Church or have any idea why we joined it, but you were our biggest supporter in our decision and I will never forget the joy you had for us when we were chrismated.  While such a wonderful time for us, this year has been full of learning the Faith and figuring out what this conversion means to our lives, Matthew’s education, our future, and our relationships.  You, without a doubt have given us the most support of all.  Matthew and I find such peace in knowing that you love us and care for us as we are, for who we are, no matter what our decisions.

Your love and concern for us in our times disappointment and hurt in the past year have been just as important to us.  You’ve given me sound advice and granted me the ability to vent, cry, and rant.  Knowing the hurt of watching Adeline bump her head or be devastated that we have to leave the playground, I can only imagine that it is difficult to listen to these troubles of mine and be unable to fix the problems in my world.  You do my world so much good by just listening, saying “I’m so sorry”, and not hanging up the phone when I say the same phrase for the twentieth time in twenty minutes.  Thank you.

And Adeline.  My, do I know how much you love that girl.  I know, without a doubt, that you would do anything for my child.  I will not know for quite sometime the gift of grandmothering, but I can see that my child and my nieces and nephews are the loves of your life.  Knowing that someone, besides ourselves, loves Adeline the way that you do is an amazing feeling.  Thank you for choosing everyday to love her, inquire about her, and dote on her.

In short, Mom, we’re so lucky to have you.  You support us and exhibit unconditional love in ways I desire to emulate.  We love you so much and are so grateful that you’re in our loves.

Happy Mother’s Day!!


One Response to “Dear Mom,”

  1. pam and paul kimmel May 9, 2010 at 9:19 am #

    Thank you so very much for the lovely words, have a nice mothers day, Adeline is a lucky little girl to have you for a mother, (and Matthew for a father). Love you all.

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