Dear Teenage Self,

10 Apr

My new favorite website, The Mother Huddle, has a recurring segment called The Bullet List.  This week’s bullet list asks what you would tell your teenage self if given the chance.  I’m biting.  Here are mine:

1.  Getting a ‘B’ is okay.  You will still get into the college you desire and you will not die.

2. Those boys will not matter to you in the future.  You may hurt them, they may hurt you now, but you will marry that college boy and be happy beyond belief.

3.  While you think you will be either a lawyer, teacher, children’s pastor, or missionary to Africa because you want to change the world        you will be content to be a mother and change and form one sweet little life.

4.  Buck up, fight the shyness, and experience life!

5.  Pre-junior year self – stay home, listen carefully to the genealogy your father has slaved over, ask him his password so you can someday retrieve important things from his computer, ask him to write down the songs that he wrote before you were born, beg him to tell you all the family stories one more time.  The unthinkable is about to happen.

6.  Give your mother the benefit of the doubt. Let her understand you and try to understand her.  You’ll need each other soon.

7.  Yes, you are enduring more than most of your classmates are, but that does not make you incompatible with them.  Do not withdraw, do not just go through the motions, do not quit all of your extracurricular stuff.  You’ll be sorry you did.

8.  Take off the cheesy Christian themed t-shirt and stop berating yourself for not loving Christ enough or living the life you “should.”  You will someday know the grace of God in a way you cannot fathom yet.  Be faithful, be a servant, love those who are unloveable.

9.   Those daily hurts, that test you are unprepared for, and the fact you cannot possibly make it from Biology class to choir in four minutes will someday be imagined unemotionally.  You will always remember the kindness and love you receive from your friends, teachers, and family.  The walk through the halls that your English teacher takes you on to see how you are, the time that your best friend stayed up studying with you for the AP English exam even though she wasn’t taking it, and your mother letting you sleep off a broken heart will stay with you always.

10.  Your locker combination is 36. 27. 18 .  You’ll never forget it, so stop worrying about it so much.


One Response to “Dear Teenage Self,”

  1. Fr. Peter April 11, 2010 at 5:10 am #

    A “B”! That would have been GREAT! LOL

    Nice list.

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