Forget-Me-Not Friday – April 9, 2010

9 Apr

One of the reasons I have this blog is to help me remember.  I’m bad at baby books and journals, but I want to remember more than what my child weighed at 19-months old.  So, welcome back to Forget-Me-Not Fridays!  This is more of a State of the Adeline post than anything else because I’ve been slacking on my doting mother duties.  Let the long overdue doting commence.

-It was so beautiful a week or so ago that as we were driving to the YMCA I opened the sunroof.  The whole rest of the way Adeline repeated, “Oh no!  Mama! Uh-oh!” as she stared at the hole in the roof.

– One of her new favorite things to say is ‘Otay’ or ‘Mtay’ or ‘Oday’- all versions of ‘okay’.  So if you say, “Liners, it’s time to go to bed, okay?”  She will say, “Mtay!” It’s adorable.  Trust me.

– Her current favorite song is one by Manchester Orchestra.  When Matthew plays it, her head immediately bobs and she is as happy as a lark.

– Adeline sometimes refers to Matthew and myself as “Ma Da” or “Da Ma” – sort of like TomKat or Bennifer but Orthodox and not famous.

– She has taken to demolishing the kitchen on a daily basis.  She likes to arrange the pots into a drum set of sorts, takes the Crystal Light canisters out and says “Ake! Ake!” as she shake-shakes them, and takes the strainer from the bottom cupboard and makes it into a hat.

– “Ahoo!” in Adeline speak means “Woohoo!”

– She can count to ten…sort of.  “Un, do, tee, (always leaves out four), ive, ix, nen, eight, ine, ten, and me!”  Almost all of the things she recites (parts of the alphabet, pat-a-cake, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, etc.) end with “And me!”

– Adeline loved to swing her bay leaf branches after the Palm Sunday Service.  When I’d say, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” or “Hossana in the highest!” she would wave that branch back and forth like this:

–  She now says, “Mu Me!” (excuse me!) when she burps.

– Adeline recently learned to sign shirt, imagination, cloud, day, awake, dress, pants, shorts, and bed.  My absolute favorite, though, is skirt.  She says, “Urt!” and strikes an adorable pose.

– She twirls her hair (with both hands) almost incessantly!  While she’s watching Signing Time, coloring, having a story read to her, or even throwing a fit, the child is twirling her hair.  I went to check on her while she slept last night.  She was completely asleep but was still twirling her hair!


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