An Exciting (in a not-so-good way) Afternoon

2 Mar

So, how did an afternoon of drawing pictures with Papa’s favorite pen go from this:

To terrible in just moments? Well, after I took the picture above, I decided that we should put Adeline in a play (read: stained, one-size too small, about to be thrown out) shirt.  So, I changed her shirt and started to unload the dishwasher while she ran in circles in the dining room.  I looked out as she spun, tripped, and hit her face on her step-stool.   I knew instantly that it was an E.R. visit sort of hit.  Sure enough, when she looked up at me, stunned and crying, her mouth was bleeding profusely, both inside and out.  Thinking that she put her tooth through her lip, we quickly gathered supplies (diaper bag, insurance card, a coat for her, and a paper towel to catch streams of blood), screaming Adeline, and headed out the door to the Oconomowoc Emergency Room.

Part-way there, Adeline stopped screaming and bleeding (as much), started signing ‘tree’, and said “Uh, Oh!”  When we got to the E.R. she was pleasant, answered all the questions the receptionist asked with “No.”, promptly screamed when she saw a nurse in blue scrubs (like the nurses who give shots at her doctor’s office wear), and proceeded to be calmed with not one, not two, but three Dora the Explorer stickers.  We were called back very quickly, the nurse was kind as she checked Adeline’s vitals, and the nurse practitioner, Stephanie, was in the room in no time.  Adeline played, ran, signed, talked and schmoozed the nurses as Stephanie told us that stitches were inevitable. Luckily, the tooth had not gone through her lip, but she did have a large gash across the lip.  If we left it to heal on its own, it would probably do so improperly and she would have a large scar for the rest of her life.  So, stitches it was.

Have you ever seen a toddler get stitches?  It’s not pretty…at all.  While the nurses gathered the papoose, Adeline jumped and played.  I swept her in my arms and said, “I’m so sorry, Love.  Are you ready?”  She replied, “Doh!”  So, doh we did.  I laid her down , they swaddled her in the papoose (with industrial strength Velcro, I might add), she screamed.  Stephanie injected a numbing agent into Adeline’s lip, and then, pop!  Out came Adeline’s hand.  No joke.  This kid is a fighter, I’m telling you.  She hit the syringe, knocking it loose in Stephanie’s hand.  Luckily, enough of the agent went in, they readjusted Liners, and proceeded to stitch, well, try to stitch.  Adeline is a wiggler- always has been.  She did barrel rolls in my tummy for hours on end when I was pregnant and is an accomplished crib traveler when she sleeps.  The very first time I changed her diaper, hours after birth, she tried to lift her head up and has done it every diaper change since. She doesn’t hold still, and that papoose was a nightmare for her.

So, she bit the nurse practitioner, sucked in her lip so it was impossible to stitch, and thrashed her head from side to side despite the grown woman holding her down.  Can you hear the pride in my tone?  My girl is strong!  We’ll work on submission later.

Finally Papa held her head and chanted liturgical tones into her little ear while she received two stitches.  Me?  I cried and begged the prayers of every saint I’ve ever heard of.  About the time I ran out of potential intercessors, the Velcro was peeled off of that sweaty, little angel, and the recovery began.  An orange popsicle from the nurses, chocolate custard from Culvers, and a few french fries later (I swear we don’t let her eat like this…ever!) and the girl was as good as new…in spirit.  Not so much physically.

She looks how I felt.

After this photo was snapped we cleaned her up, did her alphabet puzzle, and whisked her up to bath and bedtime.  She went down without a fight, and with Baby Orajel for her incoming tooth, Tylenol for the pain, triple antibiotic ointment for the wound, and one stuffed pig for comfort.  What a girl.

Now, because I’m not one for shock value, and I have a pretty weak stomach, I’ve saved the close-up for the end.  Fair warning-  it’s below.


2 Responses to “An Exciting (in a not-so-good way) Afternoon”

  1. pam and paul kimmel March 3, 2010 at 5:48 am #

    Poor little Adeline, but what a trooper. She may be a peanut, but she’s a strong peanut. We love you Adeline, hope you feel better today.

  2. chanan March 3, 2010 at 12:05 pm #

    Oh, Jennifer, I am cringing right along with you. I’ve had that “trying to keep from bawling outright while the nurse straps my injured child into the papoose” moment with each of my kids, and it’s horrendous. But I’ve never had to deal with stitches. I’m really impressed that you were able to sit there and hold her for that, tears aside. We’ll be praying for a quick recovery–for both of you.

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