Forget-Me-Not Friday – February 19, 2010

19 Feb

–  Adeline used to prefer showers, but lately she loves taking baths.  Maybe a bit too much.  Early this week I was running her bath and she was standing next to me (she had already finished throwing her bath toys in one by one).  The next thing I know, I feel her pushing on my arm. I looked over and found that she had over-zealously climbed into the bathtub with her dress and tights on.  She was mad we made her get out and disrobe.

–  Adeline  learned this week to (sort of intelligibly) say, “Good day!” while nodding at the person she is saying it to.

– I also figured out this week how to get her to eat a sandwich with meat on it.  I use a duck cookie-cutter to cut out the sandwich.  Works like a charm.  However, she now asks for a sandwich by saying, “Duck!”

–  We had an awesome “Just Girls” day today while Papa heads to Nashville – shopping, lunch, and playing in the ginormous playhouse in the living room.  In order to not feel jealous of Matthew, though, we’re referring to Nashotah as Nashvegas for the weekend.

Mama and Toupee-wearing Adeline


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