Forget-Me-Not Friday February 12, 2010

13 Feb

–  Adeline taught herself how to do somersaults this morning.  It’s ridiculously cute.

–   All week we’ve woken up to Adeline saying, “Mama?  Dada? Mama? Dada? No.”

–  She made up a song on her own this week and sings it randomly each day. It goes:  (In a sing-song voice) “Da Da! Da Da! Da da da da!”

–  Matthew did not get accosted by the robber at Gamestop.

–  I resigned from Saturday mail last week. Having to be somewhere seven mornings a week was killing me.  Matthew and I rotate sleep-in    weekends.  That meant that one of us could sleep in until 8:30-ish.  Now I can sleep until I wake up!  Last Saturday I woke up to the sounds of Adeline playing and the smell of homemade waffles.  Because Matthew heads to Nashville next weekend (thus ruining my sleep-in Saturday next week, I get to sleep in tomorrow, too!)

-Not such a positive forget-me-not, but an important one: Adeline is not worth to others what she is to us.  That may seem obvious to other parents, but it comes as a surprise to me when family chooses not to be close with her.  It’s a lesson I’ve learned and will not forget.  She is precious to Matthew and me, above all others, but that is not the case for other people.

– Adeline learned how to say “Hey!” this week.  She sounds like the Fonz when she does it.

Pictures from the week:

Cake for the Women of Nashotah House bake sale

Close up of the (sort of wonky) handmade chocolate hearts


One Response to “Forget-Me-Not Friday February 12, 2010”

  1. Pam and Paul Kimmel February 13, 2010 at 8:12 am #

    In the picture of Adeline in the yellow shirt she looks unbelievably like Matthew. Even the facial expresion. She is one beautiful child!!!

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