The Seventeen-Month Repertoire

2 Jan

  • When you say “Ready, Set…” , Adeline will say “Doh!” and proceed to hop, run, jump, or grab your hands to swing in the air.
  • She likes to climb the stairs in the following way: Right hand holding mama or papa’s (who is standing behind) hand, left hand on the railing, and head pushed back into the follower’s stomach.   She looks like she’s running up the wall in a kung-fu movie.
  • We often put XM radio on the television so she can dance.  So she runs to the t.v., pints at it, signs ‘music’, and says “das! das!”  What she really means is, “Can you please put on some Nick Jr.?” (This is to be discussed in a later posting, probably entitled “Confessions”)  When no picture comes up, she throws a fit.
  • She has different dance moves for different songs.  She headbangs if she hears hard rock or metal, rocks back and forth for slow songs, and has multiple moves for good rock and roll.
  • On the way to  Boston Matthew taught Adeline to say “Mama” instead of screaming when she wanted something.  Now she says “Mama” whenever she wants anything, anytime, even if I’m not home!
  • Words she signs: more, all-done, milk, cracker, apple, bird, dog, cat, horse, cow, pig, banana, fish, shoes, cheese, eat, water, O’s (Cheerios), upstairs, downstairs, car, book, shower, bath, bye-bye, sleep, outside, hat, cereal, please, thank-you, baby, tree, and my new personal favorite, sun.  I like sun because she looks like this when she does it:

  • Some words she says: Mama, Papa, dip (ketchup), grandma, cheese, Dexter, kook (book)Jesus, baby, dat (cat), hat, raff (giraffe), num-num (whatever we’re eating that she wants), pease (please), duck, sock, shoe, up,  umm (oops!), uh-oh, sandwich, downstairs, and quite a few more.  Plural words and most words that end in the ‘s’ sound all are “Sss”.
  • She can identify cows, ducks, birds, horses, sheep, cats, dogs, monkeys, and chickens.  If you ask her what any of them says she’ll either say “Baaaaa!” or “Quack, quack!”
  • In an attempt to keep her from being afraid of the food processor, blender, vacuum, and hairdryer we started cheering whenever we’d start them.  Now, no matter what she’s doing, if one of them starts she stands up and claps.
  • When she knows she’s doing something right (i.e. crossing herself before meals, putting her cup where it belongs on her tray, etc.), she nods in self-affirmation as she does it.
  • She’s a recent convert to cuddling with a stuffed animal when she sleeps.  She’ll ask for her raff, bep (sheep) or og (frog), though her favorite is her pig.

  • She’s a big fan of the fake laugh.  She likes to throw her head back and laugh, laugh, laugh!
  • She likes to stand on my feet and “das” (dance).
  • If you say she’s pretty, she’ll bat those lashes and stroke her blond curly hair.
  • She’s just plain industrious.


One Response to “The Seventeen-Month Repertoire”

  1. Pam and Paul Kimmel January 2, 2010 at 8:21 am #

    Wonderful pictures!!! I’m glad to see she is using the shopping cart. She is so funny.

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