One Day to Say Good-bye, Until We Say Hello

31 Dec

We’ve never been much for celebrating New Year’s.  I hate large crowds so we never go out, and on any other night of the year we’re up past midnight, but we always seem to go to bed early on New Year’s eve.  This year will probably be the same, which is fine by me.

It’s probably safe to say that this year has been one of our most interesting yet (and I can assure you, none of them have been boring!).  It’s been full of almost all of Adeline’s firsts, our falling in love with the Orthodox faith, and more blessings than we could have imagined. We’ve watched Adeline become her own person this year.  It’s been over the past twelve months that we’ve learned that she prefers peas to all other veggies, would rather read than play with toys, and is quite the social butterfly.  I’m so grateful that Matthew and I have had so much time with her despite working and graduate school.  These past few months, in particular, have been wonderful.  With Matthew taking classes only part-time, working part-time, and me taking online classes and working part-time, one of us has been able to be with her always.  Financially it has been a struggle, but it’s for the best currently.

Though the year has been full of blessings, we’ve experienced our share of difficulties and pain, too.  Our struggles with the Episcopal and Anglican churches, and the frustrations we felt with our diocese within them were painful.  Ultimately, though those frustrations allowed my heart to open to Orthodoxy, we lost friends and are still watching many of our dear friends struggle with similar issues.

Also this year we’ve had to put Reagan, our dog, to sleep, and change our seminary plans midstream.  Perhaps most difficultly, for me, was the loss of some very important relationships.  The losses came about unexpectedly and painfully, and I think of those people every day.  They are never and will never be spoken ill of in our home, and Adeline and I keep them in our evening prayers. It seems that they have been able to move on, and I hope the same for myself soon.

So, today I thank God for all that was and all that is to come.  I am okay with saying good-bye to 2009, and am looking forward to what I hope will be a wonderful 2010.  I pray the same for all of you.

Let’s watch the old year die
With a fond good-bye
And our hopes as high
As a kite

-“Let’s Start the New Year Right” from Holiday Inn


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