Happy Thanksgiving!

26 Nov

“I was born a weak, defenseless child, but Thine angel spread his wings over my cradle to defend me. From birth until now Thy love has illumined my path, and has wondrously guided me towards the light of eternity; from birth until now the generous gifts of Thy providence have been marvelously showered upon me. I give Thee thanks, with all who have come to know Thee, who call upon Thy name.” – Akathist of Thanksgiving

We had (and are still having) a beautiful Thanksgiving.  Matthew slept in, I got a nap in, we watched a little of the Thanksgiving parade, and we went to the refectory for our community Thanksgiving. The food was excellent (I love potlucks!), the company was better, but I sure missed my mom’s sage dressing! I pray that you all had a wonderful day, and took the time to think about your thanksgivings.  When we’re thankful for something, we ought to be thankful to Someone.  It is not by accident or coincidence that we are blessed, but by the grace of our God.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Watching her first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (for about five minutes)



Not such a great picture of the July Five



Rock Band in the Basement




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