6 Nov

I’ve been told by quite a few of you that you like when I share recipes here…probably because if I’m making them, they require only a few steps and contain few ingredients!  One of my very favorite resources for healthy and tasty recipes for Adeline, Matthew, and me is Weelicious.  If you have a little one six months of age or older, this website is indispensable.  I hate making one meal for Matthew and me, and then having to make a second for Adeline because she won’t eat what we do.  Catherine at Weelicious has so many great ideas that you won’t need to have any of your own!

Tonight, we gave the Avocado and Cheese Quesadillas (Mom, just click on the words – it’ll take you right there! ) a go.  Success!  They were delicious and we’ve vowed to keep the very simple ingredients always on hand to whip up a few for a quick lunch or dinner.


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