Fun and Friends

23 Oct

We’ve just finished our third and last day in Boston.  We rose, readied, and headed to Quincy Market – which we never quite made it to.  Our GPS is confused in Boston, we’re confused in Boston – goodness, Boston seems confused in Boston!  On our way to the market, we were stopped at a red light.  A rushed and rude cabby flung open the door of his parked cab and knocked our side view mirror completely out of it’s mechanism, and then he looked at us like we were rude.



So, frustrated and angry, we decided to forgo the market and head to the Boston Children’s Museum – good move on our part.  We had a blast!  A little room to run was exactly what Adeline needed, and she was wonderful and explored everything.













Afterwards, we were famished.  As we walked along the bay, we saw The Barking Crab which we had seen on Man vs. Food.  We decided that since we had a rough morning, we would treat ourselves to a nicer lunch than we had planned.  We each had the lobster roll and it was fantastic – though a little overpriced by midwestern standards!

Matthew on the bay

Matthew on the bay


Psyched to be there

Psyched to be there



After our late lunch we headed back to the hotel to regroup, repack a bit, and let Adeline rest.  When she woke, we went next door to a (disappointing) local chocolate making establishment and bought a couple of little thank-you gifts for the girls who are watching Dexter, and also a few little treats for ourselves.

Our night ended with dinner at our friends apartment for dinner and dessert.  It was wonderful to see Jason, Tiffany, and Joseph again, and in their new environment. They were in a very similar position last year as we are this year, and we appreciated their tips, suggestions and good company.  Adeline and Joseph (22 months) played wonderfully together.

And now, once again, Adeline is resting.  We’re looking forward to heading out tomorrow to see more friends on the way home.

Honestly, if I can confide in my five regular readers, I’m not a fan of Boston.  You know how when you go on vacation, you can see yourself revisiting the location or even moving there?  There is nothing that endears me to this area, not a thing.  So, if you’re the praying type, if you could offer a few for me – that the Lord would change my heart and mind and allow me to see a home here – that would be much appreciated. If, God willing, we are allowed to come to Holy Cross, it could be a rough few years if I hate this environment.  Your prayers are much appreciated.

Well, off to bed I go. We have a long few days ahead of us and an early riser in tow!


One Response to “Fun and Friends”

  1. Pam and Paul Kimmel October 24, 2009 at 6:55 am #

    I love to see Adeline dance, iut will be a video that I play over and over. Have a Safe trip home. We love you

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