Made it!

21 Oct

We set out for Boston/Brookline, Mass. on Tuesday morning in order to visit Holy Cross Seminary.  The trip was full of fun and folly but we’re finally here.


We got out of Nashotah a little later than we had planned, but Matthew and I really wanted Adeline to have a normal few hours.  So, after eating, playing, leaving strict directions for the bird-sitters (fresh food, fresh water, a little bit of whistling, and one potato chip every evening), we set out for Beantown.


The morning/early afternoon went off without a hitch!  Adeline napped and played in the backseat while Matthew and I talked up front.  We stopped at a rest stop we were familiar with in order to use restrooms, change Adeline’s diaper, and eat our picnic lunch.  Well, as we settled in, we realized the bread was smushed and paper plates and napkins were forgotten.  Whoops.  So, Fazoli’s it was for the three of us.  We let Adeline run and then back into the car.


The afternoon didn’t go quite as well, unfortunately. The little one practiced an almost inaudible, high-pitched  squeal.  We stopped a few more times, finally stopping for dinner at a rest-stop that had a food court.  After eating Panera Bread, taking a spit bath in the family restroom, reading Dimity Duck in the trucker’s lounge, saying our prayers in the backseat of the car, kissing a pocket icon of the Theotokos, Adeline fell asleep in her carseat without issue.  On we pressed, praising each other for the success of our continued bedtime routine, even on the road.


And then she woke up, and then settled again.  This repeated for a few hours, but if we didn’t get halfway into PA then we were in for a really rough day today.  I climbed into the backseat and onward, ho! we went.  We decided to push on a little farther past our original goal because she was sleeping so well.  It was almost midnight, so we thought we’d drive just a little farther.  As soon as we drove past the exit that we knew held a $50 (we had a coupon!) hotel room, Adeline woke up flailing – she’s a belly sleeper and she wanted to roll over.

We pulled into the next exit with lodging, and went to the Best Western which only had two vacancies, both smoking rooms.  The Clarion was closed.  There was no way I was going to the DuBois motel (it just sounded like we were asking to be abducted and tortured), and so we got a very nice hotel room just down the road…for twice as much as we would have spent elsewhere.  But it was clean and the only room available in town, so we were thankful.  Unfortunately, little Adeline was somewhat delirious by this time – giggling, doing every sign she knows, and running in place.  Getting her to sleep took two hours, and then she would only sleep in bed with me – sideways, on her belly with her head on my stomach as a pillow.

This morning brought a few crabs, me in particular, and another late start.  But this time, Adeline was in a great mood and the scenery was beautiful!

013 We drove until lunch, had a wonderful picnic, and had a beautiful drive until dinner.  Finally arriving in hectic Boston a couple of hours later.

014 A few tricks we utilized on day two:

-Mama sat in the front in the beginning of the day and then in the backseat and read, read, read to Adeline.

We decided that There Was a Little Girl should really be called Adeline! Just kidding!

There was a little girl,

Who had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good,

She was very good indeed,

But when she was bad she was horrid.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

– Two busy bags with a billion toys and books in each.  Adeline got one or two new toys every twenty-some miles.

– DVDs.  Yep, I did it.  We borrowed Baby Signing Time DVDs from the Delafield library and practiced our signs in the car.  We used it minimally (maybe an hour during a 17 hour drive), and interacted with each other and the video.

–  Not pushing so hard.  We knew we’d get there eventually and that she isn’t capable of as long in the car as we are. Lowered expectations help us set a better pace.



Once we got to the hotel, we set-up shop like we planned on living here.  Clothes in the drawers, toiletries in the bathroom, food on the shelves, pack-n-play up, and (helpful hint) duct-taped all the outlets and cords, and put up anything we didn’t want her to get into so that it would be safe for her to run around.  Then we started the bedtime routine – this time with a proper shower, and kiss to the Theotokos screen saver on Matthew’s computer. It worked, and here I sit typing.




Tomorrow we head to Holy Cross and who knows what else.  There’s not really an agenda for the remainder of our time here, so we’re hoping to do some touristy stuff and enjoy ourselves.  Your prayers for a blessed visit and safe travels home are much appreciated.  Enjoy a few more pictures!






One Response to “Made it!”

  1. Pam and Paul Kimmel October 22, 2009 at 5:20 am #

    We are so glad to see you made it there safe and still have your sanity. Have a safe trip home and a wonderful time while you are there. we love you

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