The Transformation of the Coat Rack

13 Oct





My heart and mind are not embracing autumn this year.   Instead of wanting to play amongst the falling leaves and chilly air, I desire only to be inside and oblivious to the change of seasons.  Perhaps it is because of the very cold, lonely winter last year.  Last winter in a new (colder) state with an infant, I felt a little isolated – even with working and spending time with the Canter ladies.

From the moment I saw the leaves turning on the tree in the Dean’s front yard, I’ve dreaded the winter.  I averted my eyes every  time we walked or drove past, and certainly did not encourage Adeline’s curiosity in playing in the leaves. Though this year I don’t have a fragile infant (who I bundled up in sixty degree weather, I admit it), I rely on an afternoon run outside- for Adeline, not me.  I don’t want to hibernate again.

One by one the coat rack is filling.  First just a little jacket for Adeline for a nippy afternoon. Then came my jacket, heavier coats for both of us (Matthew, I should say, is always warm and chooses not to wear a jacket until the end of November), and then a hat and little mittens for Adeline.  Soon a snowsuit, scarves, and gloves will join their ranks while wet and slushy boots rest beneath them.  I am not ready, but into the cave I go.


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