My Quirky Adeline

28 Sep
  • She must, must, must flick every light switch to the off position as we walk by.
  • When she’s hungry, she wants “a nana” (a banana).  If she sees “a nana” she wants “a nana”.  If she sees a picture of “a nana”, she must point to “a nana”.
  • She can sign eat, more, bird, milk (bird and milk look very similar when she does them), all done, tree (these two look alike, too), her version of cracker, and her version of baby.  I’ve attempted multiple times to record these – she does not perform.
  • She refers to her self as “A (short ‘a’ sound) – dah” And about everything else as “Dada”…except for “a nana”.
  • If I say, “Go get the Dimity book” she can find Dimity Duck without trouble.
  • If the laptop is open, she needs to be sitting in our laps. We must then play THIS video so she can blow kisses at the nuns.
  • She growls.  Matthew encourages it.
  • When I put on my makeup, it is necessary that I “dab” some on her face and say “Shoosh. Shoosh. Shoosh.”
  • After finishing a book, (which we read about twenty of a day.  No kidding.) we say, “The End!”  Adeline then picks up the book and throws it down triumphantly.
  • She recognizes pictures of Jesus and Mary, smiles at them, and then blows kisses at them.
  • She randomly spins in circles.  This is not really one of her dance moves.
  • If she wants you to hold something for her, she will take your hand, open it, and place the desired object into it.
  • Sometimes I catch her randomly looking upside down and between her legs.



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