Good-bye, Reagan.

15 Sep

If you’ve ever met our dog, Reagan, you’d know that she is a spazz.  Well, she’s more  than just a spazz – she’s defiant, solitary,  a destroyer, and hyper-vigilant.  This dog has been through classes, video courses, dog-whispered (not by the Dog Whisperer), and bark-collared.  She has been, though, infinitely patient with Miss Adeline and a generally sweet dog.  She’s also a seasoned escape artist.  Whether it’s finagling her collar just right to get it off or slipping through a closing door.

Yesterday she opened the door and got out.  Trying to get her inside  is usually a 30-40 minute ordeal.  About an hour and a half into yesterday she found a raccoon carcass (gross!) and toted it along with her.  Lots of friends from the community tried to get her to no avail.  She ran through woods, streets, and would lay a foot away but take off any time one made  a move.  She tore all the pads off of her paws, but still she ran. Four hours later, after chasing her throughout he woods, the cemetery, and shooing her from the veggie garden, she ran into a dried soybean field, saw a buck and chased him.  She cornered him and he charged at her – low and behold, she ran right to me.

Sensitive of her feet, I slowly walked her home, taking the shortest and easiest path.  We got to Matthew and he took over.  Ten steps later she attacked his hand.  (Did I mention she’s two weeks late on her rabies vac? Darn it.) She attacked and didn’t intend to stop.  Matthew had to roll her over and lay on top of her.  Finally we got her inside, quarantined her in the bathroom and Matthew went to the E.R. for his 12 shots.

Very sadly, Matthew took her to the shelter this morning. Reagan slowly and painfully walked out of the door with one of Adeline’s blanket and her favorite toys.  She will be quarantined for ten days and ultimately euthanized.  It breaks our hearts for her not to be with us and certainly to know that she will die soon.

It’s hard to see her hair in the vacuum cleaner, to hear Adeline say “Dayduh”, and have to pick up all the food on the ground that Adeline throws, remembering Reagan the Vacuum.  It’s quiet, surreal, and painful.  We love her and will miss her, but will also be glad to have a little bit of peace.  After all, if she’d bite the master she loves, she may bite anyone.

Reagan was never a happy dog unless she was running around by herself – with no other dogs and no humans.  I pray that paradise, for her, will be healed paws, a wide open pasture,  and one angel whose duty it is to scratch her just so behind her right ear.

God’s peace, Bug.

Gug and Tut 022

week 13-Fall Festival 013


One Response to “Good-bye, Reagan.”

  1. Ashley September 16, 2009 at 9:34 pm #

    Dearest friends,

    I am so, so sorry about the loss of this part of your family. May she find contentment at last where the lion lies down with the lamb.


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