A New Semester

2 Sep

The new school year has begun and blogging has again fallen by the wayside.  As if being a wife, mother, and worker weren’t enough, I’ve added ‘student’ to the list of titles.  Unfortunately (and embarrasingly enough), I ‘ve never finished my undergraduate degree.  Marriage, relocation, and motherhood have delayed my plans but now seems to be as good a time as any.

So, I’m taking two accelerated online classes which will take about 20-30 hrs per week and I’ve increased my work hours from fifteen to twenty-five hours per week. Woo!  I’m tired just typing it!

Matthew is taking two classes, Greek 3 and New Testament 2.  He’s also working on the Nashotah House podcast, helping in the Refectory, and being Super Stay-at-Home Dad!

Adeline is giggling, running, running, and running. Not much has changed for her.

I promise to blog as I can.  My mind is working but is focusing mostly on Nashotah House, classes, and most importantly….Matthew and Adeline.  We are joyful that although there’s been a break in schedule has occurred with Matthew’s education, we are able to spend some wonderful time together.  We thank you, as always, for your prayers and love.


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