20 Jul

So, part of exploring the Greek Orthodox Church is exploring the Greek culture.  If/when we convert, we will be entering into an ethnic church which brings all of the beauty, language, and food(!) of the Greeks.  It is extremely gratifying to a couple of cultural mutts ( who do not celebrate any of our heritages) to consider raising our daughter in a very strong culture.

So, we’ve become very interested in all things Greek.  Especially Greek food.  We love Greek food.  Over the past few days I’ve made homemade spanakopita, pastitsio, and will make Greek meatballs tomorrow.  I never knew I liked feta cheese or phyllo dough! 

Tonight Matthew made galaktoboureko as a thank-you to the priest at the church we’ve been attending. Tomorrow he and Adeline will take it to Fr. Dokos.


They are soooooo yummy! I probably would have never attempted them, but Matthew dove right and did a beautiful job.  We’ve decided that they don’t look anything like the pictures, but taste amazing anyway.  I’ve made him promise a fresh batch once a week!


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