Forget-Me-Not Friday – July 10, 2009

10 Jul

There are a lot of little niche days out there in blogland: Whatcha Wearin’ Wednesdays, Bench Mondays (where you take a picture of yourself standing on a bench…yeah), Wordless Wednesdays (picture posts), Thrifty Thursday, etc.   I wandered onto a blog with Forget Me Not Friday.  I love the idea because I’m terrible at writing in Adeline’s baby book and not everything I want to remember centers around her (can you imagine?)!

There are a lot of beautiful things that happen to me every day and I wish I could remember every single one of them. I  Often pray in those times, “Dear Lord, help me to always  remember this moment.” Only time will tell how those prayers will be answered,  but here are just a few things that I need to remember:

*Matthew saying to me, “I just confused the Desert Fathers with Kung Fu, the TV Show!”

* Adeline bathing in the sink after her sand box escapades.


*Sitting out front, sharing a slice of watermelon with Adeline on a spring-like, July afternoon.

* Working separately but parallel with Matthew doing things we love – sewing, listening to music, reading, and organizing records.

* Reading eight books to Adeline before 7:15 this morning because she just kept bringing them to me.


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