Eleven Months Old

30 Jun


This is our dear Adeline at eleven months old.  Every day we realize more and more what a blessing she is to each of us and to us as a couple. 

At eleven months she is walking/running everywhere!  She prefers walking over crawling (which she rarely does now) and running over walking!


She says , “mama”, “dada”, “day-duh (Reagan)”,  and “I deed aht (I did it)!” She knows some of her signs, but can’t do them yet.    020

She likes to talk on her phone and ours.  She understands the process of dialing, putting the phone to her ear, and talking.


If you say “please,”  she will give you whatever is in her hand – but expects you to give it back immediately!


Basically she is a genius and we adore her.  Does that sound biased?  Well at very least, we adore her!  Next month we will have a one-year old!  Simply unbelievable!


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