A Big Happy Father’s Day to My Father

21 Jun

I’m sure my dad doesn’t want the press so much, but in the interest of equal time-sharing, I must write for Father’s Day. It wouldn’t be fair to share with you only my mother.
While my mom is very supportive in encouragement and exhortation, my dad has a much more practical manner of support. He knows about so many different things, that it’s very easy to call him up to ask about whatever. When Jenny and I bought our first (and, I pray to God, last) house my dad was an unexplainable help. Because basically Jenny and I bought something of a money pit, and things were always going wrong; you know, little stuff like flooding basements and wrecked walls behind wainscot panels. Oh, and flooring that happens to be under 1.5 inches of other flooring. But he’s not just practically handy! He’s a really talented woodworker, too. He fully refurbished my Last Rite set (splendidly, I might add) and he rebuilt an old dresser and just gave it to Jenny.


When Andrew and I were just little guys, Dad worked shifts at the power plant that also happened to have him home during the day with us. It was a fun experience, as much as I can recall 22 years ago. I remember these little excursions we made down Snake Alley, or to this little diner for hot dogs, or going to the library – before cards has codes and instead had some metal band thingy… One time I cut a hole in my t-shirt on accident, and then blamed it on some mean kid at school. Dad was supremely angry, I guess, because we swung back to school. Even at seven years of age, I realized that things had quickly spun out of my control, and it’d be best for me to keep quiet. Dad (in concert with the principal) gave the kid hell. Let this be my bedside confession, so to speak.

End Sidenote

While that is all important, I’m most appreciative for the countless lessons I got on being a man. I learned how to work hard, and make sure that my family is being taken care of. I also learned when to not run my mouth, although I’ve rarely cared to follow this lesson. And seeing him as a grandfather is really edifying. It’s good to know that he’s caring for Adeline the way he cared for his own children.

Thanks for the pizza I ordered when grounded while you were out mowing the lawn. Or the time you came to my rescue when all the neighborhood kids ganged up on me and kicked me in the crotch. Or the especially fun time when the tornado tore through our neighborhood. You had definitely had your work cut out for you.

So here’s to you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day. I love you.

'Just a Cumulus, huh Deb?' Five minutes later we lost the canopy and antenna. I was doubled over laughing (out of his earshot, of course).

'Just a Cumulus, huh Deb?' Five minutes later we lost the canopy and antenna. I thought it was pretty funny. While Dad was hollering and cussing, I was doubled over laughing (out of earshot, of course)


One Response to “A Big Happy Father’s Day to My Father”

  1. Tom June 21, 2009 at 7:33 am #

    Thank you. You just keep adoring Adeline like you are and you will surpass me with flying colors. Love you too, Matthew.

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