22 May

It seems as though every once in a while I fall by the wayside and neglect our blog. Sorry, friends. But this time it’s really not my fault. You see, Matthew keeps saying, “I really need to blog about the close of my junior year.” I’ve waited and waited….so now I’ll do it! Hopefully this will spur him on a little and he’ll be able to give you the update that I cannot give.

Moving on.

First, the one you all truly desire to inquire after…Adeline. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; Adeline is ridiculously active! This little one has learned how to climb, walks with her push walker, and has even taken a little step or two on her own. (God save us!) She so longs to walk, but alas, she cannot. (Darn!)

In the past week Adeline has learned to wave and say “Ha! (hi), clap, and has become very picky about what she would like to eat. All she would eat at lunch yesterday is toast. What a nutritious meal! Chicken is her new favorite along with avocados, carrots, cheese (a girl after my own heart), and crackers.

Matthew began his TPP (Teaching Parish Placement) at Grace Episcopal Church in Sheboygan on Thursday. We both feel extremely blessed to be at Grace Church and thank God (and John I.) for leading us there! Matthew will be subdeaconing often, helping with Bible studies, preaching, leading some Rosary services, serving the homeless, and just plain learning about how a parish really runs from the inside out.  We are both pleased that he didn’t end up in Pittsburgh this summer.  With Adeline growing so quickly, I’m afraid he would have missed so much!  We will be apart only 2-3 days at a time until mid-August.  That’s doable for us.

On the days that Matthew is not at Grace Church he is Super-Papa – he takes care of Adeline while I am at work, does the dishes, laundry, and makes me eat breakfast before I go to work. What a man!

And me?  Really, someone is asking about me?

My life is quite the same as usual.  Adeline grows and grows, Matthew’s life changes from semester to semester, and I remain the static one of the bunch.  I continue to read as I have time (I just finished a dreadful book and am not so optimistic about the one I just started), sew as I have the energy and time, and continue to learn about myself as a wife, mother, and woman every day. Cheesy and boring, I know…but boy, is it the truth.

P.S   – A blog entry without pictures?  That cannot be!

Mama and Adeline dolled up for commencement.

Mama and Adeline dolled up for commencement.

Someone decided to have a snack!

Someone decided to have a snack!

Helping Mama put the groceries away.

Helping Mama put the groceries away.

A particularly messy meal...sans bib.

A particularly messy meal...sans bib.


One Response to “Update”

  1. Swaims May 23, 2009 at 5:16 pm #

    I just got a picture of Kaia dumping her puffs all over the floor too!! Silly little girls!

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