Isn’t She Lovely?

11 May

No, friends, I’m not talking about Adeline (though she is).  I’m talking about this beauty!

All buttoned up...

All buttoned up...

Letting it all hang out!

Letting it all hang out!

This is my late Mother’s Day present… kind of.  I’ve been hunting and hunting for a good deal on a sewing cabinet – I have lots of fabric, a wonderful machine (thanks Bethy), and a ton of desire to sew, sew, sew.  However, I’ve not had any room to sew.  To unpack, pack, unpack, etc. takes far too long for this mama and so I haven’t sewn since we’ve arrived at Nashotah House.

I had my own little desk and sewing area at our house in Iowa and knew I would miss it here.  So when we first got here in August, I started scouring JoAnn Fabrics,, and Hobby Lobby to find one of these babies on sale.  No luck!  So where did I find this one?  Craigslist!  We are on a tight budget but my sanity, my friends, is worth some money (though not much)!  We found this awesome cabinet yesterday for…90% off it’s retail price!  A steal!  We wouldn’t have been able to afford a base model for this price.  But this baby has a drawer (ooh), a notions organizer (aaah) and bobbin holders!

I’m not letting myself play with it tonight.  No, sir.  First I must get my chores done and then I will play with my new friend!

What’s better than having a new toy is knowing that I didn’t break the (very small) bank and also helped out someone who needed some cash for something she no longer used.

P.S. She even has a lock and key to keep little hands out!

P.P.S  Go search your local craigslist for a deal on something you need.  Remember, it’s not a deal if it’s something you won’t use!


One Response to “Isn’t She Lovely?”

  1. Lauranie May 30, 2009 at 2:38 am #

    Man WHAT A DEAL!! Sorry to comment down the list….thanks for visiting my blog! What a sweet little girl! She would look especially cute in a tutu! Good luck with all of the giveaways….now I’m off to craigslist!!!

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