To Our Mothers

10 May

It must really irk two card-givers that they’ve raised two non-card-givers, but that you have.  It’s not that we don’t think of it.  Last Sunday I said to myself, “I must get cards for our moms.”  Then I put it on my list for the week.  Matthew and I have discussed it at least four times. But the time to send came and went and still no card was bought.  Cards never say what we mean, nor do they ever seem like they are truly from us.  So instead of a $3.99, written for and by someone else card, here are some words and sentiments from our hearts.

To Mom (by Jennifer)

Jenn&MomI’ve always been the child most un-like you and because of that, we tend to butt heads.  Over the years and through life circumstances we’ve grown closer and learned to understand each other a bit more.  I’m grateful for the things we’ve been through together and the relationship that has come from them.  I always know that there is never anyone happier for me in joyous occasions, nor anyone sadder for me in disappointing ones.  Matthew and I appreciate (more than you can ever know) the support you’ve given us from the very beginning of our marriage.

This year I’ve learned far more about motherhood.  I know the sacrifices you’ve made.  I know the pain you’ve felt.  I know the frustrations you’ve had.  Luckily, I’ve also learned that it is a joy above any other.  I know I love Adeline far more than she can ever love me.  I know that you love me far more than I could ever love you…and that’s a lot.

So thank you for all of my diapers you changed, the pacifiers you walked to the bathroom to wash, the occasions you had to miss because I was fussy, hungry, tired, sick, loud, squealing…etc.  Thank you for your arms sore from bouncing me, for every time you had to change the sheets in the middle of the night because of some bodily function or another spoiled them, and for any sprained, strained, twisted ankle you may have incurred from my toys being scattered (even in places you never could have imagined they would be) all over creation (or just the living room). Thank you for all of the worrying, checking on me at 2:30 am because I hadn’t stirred in two hours, and for all of the exhaustion that you felt at all hours of the day because of me. 

To Mom (from Matthew)

Mom and Matthew

As my term winds down I’m afforded some time to reflect on all the changes that I’ve been through this past year; the up’s and down’s, the trials and happy times, the consistent headaches while dealing with this strange community of which I am a part. And all of this, an ocean to smooth down this rough stone. As we’ve talked over the year you know how much I’ve changed. Every challenge I’ve had has caused me to rethink how I view or react to a situation, and it’s always been for the better. But how did I get here?

Nobody has been more supportive of my call than you, Mumzy, and that’s a fact. Every time that I try to turn away and do something different (like, say, work on computers) you’ve been the one who was most against it. When things have looked bleak, you’ve totally bailed us out in any way that you can. Even when Jenny was pregnant and I was working ridiculous hours, you came over and cleaned my kitchen and schooled me on how I should be treating a pregnant woman. And you guys financed most of our house renovation so we could move to school with out the worry of not selling the house. Sometimes I think you believe in my call more than I do. I would have lost my sanity somewhere along the way without your support.

And it’s to this Mom, that I thank you. Your loving dedication to our cause has been humbling to witness. I know that without your help I wouldn’t be here today, doing what I’m doing, working to be a priest in God’s Holy church. I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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