9 Months Old

30 Apr


Today is Adeline’s nine month birthday!  She is doing all sorts of things these days.  She cruises around holding on to things, stands without assistance (sometimes), feeds herself with her hands, pets the puppy, fake coughs, etc.

Those little nubby teeth are now pearly white and so strong.  Yes, I have been bitten – those suckers are sharp!  Those little teeth and this monumental birthday made me think of this poem I read while I was in high school. 


A Little Tooth

By Thomas Lux


Your baby grows a tooth, then two,

and four, and five, then she wants some meat

directly from the bone.  It’s all


over.  She’ll learn some words, she’ll fall

in love with cretins, dolts, a sweet

talker on his way to jail.  And you,


your wife, get old, flyblown, and rue

nothing.  You did, you loved, your feet

are sore.  It’s dusk.  Your daughter’s tall. 

See how fast the little girl grew in the poem?  That’s how I’m feeling on this nine month mark.  Already Adeline is beginning to reach the things she wants, decides what she wants to do, and is far too busy to nurse well – give her some big girl food!

Just the other day Matthew said, “I’m not ready for her to have teeth!”  Matthew, in that simple phrase, expressed the entire meaning of this poem.  Perhaps it is not the teeth Matthew is unsure of, but all that follows.

Teeth, my friends, I am ready for…those cretins, however, are another story.


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