A Sincere Thank-you

7 Apr

A big thank you to all of you who have sent your well-wishes and assurances of prayer to our community via this blog.  Please know that I have sent your sentiments to the Nashotah House administration so that they know of all the love and support you’ve sent.  Please find an article about the blaze on the Nashotah House website

In our short time  here at the House (only eight months – hard to believe!)  I have seen how far Nashotah House’s community really reaches and this sad event proves it.  The fact that we’ve received over 400 hits in the past four days assures us of the large network of Nashotah House friends who truly care for the mission of the school and the seminarians who study here.  Again, thank-you.

A Prayer for Nashotah House

Bless, O Lord, this House, set apart to the glory of your great name and the benefit of your Holy Church; and grant that your Name may be worshipped here in truth and purity to all generations. Give your grace and wisdom to all the authorities, that they may exercise holy discipline, and be themselves patterns of holiness, simplicity, and self-denial. Bless all who may be trained here; take from them all pride, vanity, and self-conceit, and give them true humility and self-abasement. Enlighten their minds, subdue their wills, purify their hearts, and so penetrate them with your Spirit and fill them with your love, that they may go forth animated with earnest zeal for your glory; and may your ever living Word so dwell within their hearts, that they may speak with that resistless energy of love which shall melt the hearts of sinners to the love of you. Open, O Lord, the hearts and hands of your people, that they may be ready to give and glad to distribute to our necessities. Bless the founders and benefactors of this House, and recompense them with the riches of your everlasting kingdom, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.



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