8 months old!

1 Apr


Adeline turned 8 months old on Monday!  Here’s a brief look at what’s in her repertoire:


She can pull herself up to standing on anything or anyone.  She can walk around holding onto a stable (and sometimes not so stable) object.


She’s a swimmer extraordinaire.  She doggy paddles with the best of them!


She loves, loves kisses and giggles whenever she gets them.


She’s learned to climb up and pull down things.  This is a basket I (used to) keep next to the couch.


She likes to gnaw on this little food bag thing we have for her.  She’s chewing on a pear in there.  It allows her to get the taste and nutrients without the choking hazard.

Adeline also says Mama, Dada, and Papa, though she doesn’t seem to know what they mean.  She gets excited when I say and sign “eat”” – which brings me to her love of food.  Adeline loves apples, bananas, avocados, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, and pears.  She proto-waves hi and bye , fake coughs, and smiles big (like in the first picture) when I say “Cheese!”

Every day brings some new feat and Adeline has the proudest grin whenever she does something she’s never done before.  I used to be impressed by innovative poetry and literature, etc…now I’m pleased as punch when Adeline learns to stick her toungue out  and down to her chin!


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