Shall I even?

28 Jan

No. I shall not.  This post was about to be a venting post, but I am not far enough yet from the situation that I will not bleed all over you as I write.  So, let me take a few steps (days) back and calm.  The glories of community living.

Instead, while Adeline naps soundly, let me catch you up on our lives.

Matthew started back to classes about a week ago so the three of us are trying to get back into a groove.  Poor Matthew has yet to really get into his classes, which of course would make it hard to enjoy the work he must put into them.  He, still, plugs on.  I am anxious for him to latch onto something that interests him.  Sometimes the quickest of sentences in a book, a glimpse of something more interesting in a lecture, or a deep question brought to the surface can turn the least piquing class into a catalyst.  I pray that soon happens for Matthew.

So, mornings are basically the same in our household.  He dashes off to chapel/breakfast/class/lunch/work crew while I ready Adeline and myself, head over to the Canter household, and then get to work for a few hours.  But now, I have Margaret very shortly only a few days a week.  Ashley has been able to become a stay-at-home mom and has graciously offered to continue watching Adeline for me in the mornings.  The girls play, Ashley and I still get some adult contact, and I can still work.  We are eternally grateful to Ashley and even more excited for her…perhaps just a little envious as well..

That leaves my afternoons pretty much open.  Adeline and I usually head over to the refectory for lunch (yes, a guaranteed meal!) and then spend some good quality time together.  How wonderful to be able to do all of my running in the afternoons before Matthew gets home.  Wonderfully, however, I keep Margaret for a very few hours every week so the girls get some play time at our home, too.  Only one thing is better than a baby giggling, and that is two babies giggling!

That is pretty much the extent of our lives these days.  Nothing exciting and that is just the way we like it.  I will update again soon, but now it is time to prepare dinner, wake Adeline from her nap, and wait for Papa to come home for his few hours before he puts his nose to the grindstone for the rest of the night.

May you all have peaceful and un-eventful weeks…and I pray that you may hear at least one baby giggle this week.  It is the highest of blessing!


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