I’m four months old!

3 Dec

Hello, everyone!  I turned four months old on Sunday and boy, am I changing fast!

These days I wake Mama up in the morning by yelling at my mobile.  It only seems to turn on when she’s in the room with me, so I figure it’s fair to wake her up.

Then I eat.  Mama gets pretty frustrated sometimes because I just can’t stop moving! Sometimes I try really hard not to move but I just get the wiggles!  I think it’s pretty funny though and I usually start smiling and talking to Mama.  Then I cry because I’m so hungry!

When Mama dresses me, I almost always cry.  Mama usually just puts me in a sleeper if I’m extra grouchy.  I hate having shirts put over my head!  After I’m dressed, Mama gets herself ready.  I get mad because she has to put me down and leave the room, but I always find a way to occupy myself .  This morning I rolled from my back to my front to my back to my front to my back and rolled all the way off my blanket. See!


So then I go to Miss Ashley’s while Mama goes to work.  While I’m there, we sing songs, ready stories, and nap.  I usually eat 5 or 6 ounces there!  Well, a big girl that weights 11 pounds 8 ounces needs to eat! After Mama gets off work, she picks Margaret and me up and we go home.  We love to play.  We’re learning to do the same things at the same time.  When Margaret cries, I cry! 


I was sick during my first snow, but I’m making up for it now!  Mama held me up while I looked outside for a long time today.


I also spend lots of time talking!  Today I said “Ho! Ho! Ho!” even though I didn’t mean to.  I always talk to my Baby Einstein jumper when I go into my bed room.

Anyway, when Margaret goes home, I eat until Papa gets home.  When he gets home, he scoops  me up and doesn’t usually let me go until bath time!  I spit up on Papa lots!  I have great aim and I seem to try to save it all up for him.  I like to grab his beard though he says “Ouch!”  Papa makes the best Donald Duck voice and I think it is hilarious.  I giggle at him when he does it sometimes.


At 7:00 I get a bath.  Then Papa goes to the library and studies hard!  He always kisses me bye-bye and says “I love you, Liners!” I love Papa, too and sometimes I try to tell him. 

Then it’s time to go to bed.  The other night, right before I turned 4 months old, I decided enough of the swaddling!  I woke up late at night and cried and cried.  Now I sleep in my big girl crib without a swaddler!  Sometimes I wake myself up or accidently turn over in the night, but I can put myself  back to sleep usually.

I’m sorry this is so long, but I do alls sorts of neat things now and I wanted to tell you all.  I’m a very busy girl!  I love you all and especially miss my Grandmas and Grandpa…oh and my aunts and uncles of course!  Goodnight!


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