A Thanksgiving of Firsts

29 Nov

Thanksgiving day, as almost any other day at Nashotah House, was extremely hectic but lots of fun.  The day started with Adeline being as fussy as she’s ever been and me rushing around trying to get the two of us fed (only succeeded in feeding her) and ready for the day (She was adorable in her soft pink cord dress and I, well…I was presentable.  I can say that.).    Matthew was on bell ringer duty (that one-ton bell pictured in our second blog) so he had to be to chapel early.  Adeline and I somehow succeeded in making it to Thanksgiving mass only a few moments late.  It was a wonderful service and we only had to leave the chapel once and that was to wash Adeline’s pacifier after she spat it out of her mouth and onto the ground.

We then rushed home to feed Adeline (again) and to prepare our contribution to the Thanksgiving feast -Jiffy Corn (thanks Mom Moore!) and baked potatoes. After feeding Adeline again, she and I went over to the refectory to help prepare.  Some of the community spent time playing with the kids,  preparing the meal, and helping some of the seminarians from other countries understand Thanksgiving traditions.

We spent a wonderful afternoon with our Nashotah House family making crafts with the kids, playing Rock Band in the basement, eating an amazing dinner, and having fellowship with our community.  It was especially nice for me to talk with the other brand new moms on campus.  Our babies are all within 15 days of each other so we all tend to be experiencing things together.  I’m pretty sure that the five babies were the hit of the party.  For the first time, we were able to get a picture of the five of them together.  Of course, my camera batteries died so I am still waiting for some pictures to be e-mailed to me but I do have one picture of the Nashotah Five.

Aidan, Robert, Adeline, Emmaline, and Margaret

Aidan, Robert, Adeline, Emmaline, and Margaret

 On the far left is Mr. Aidan.  He is the spitting image of his daddy and is one of the most laid back babies I’ve ever seen.  Next to Aidan is Robert.  He is two days older than Adeline and about 7 pounds heavier!  He is a big and super sweet boy…and probably the best nurser on campus!  Smack dab in the middle is our darling peanut, Adeline.  Her legs are pulled up, ready to roll-over, but she didn’t.  But that is only because Emmaline (next to Adeline) stopped her by sucking on Adeline’s hand.  Adeline didn’t seem to mind at all which I think means they are bound to be great friends! Share and share alike!  Emmaline’s daddy and Adeline’s daddy are good friends and I really like her mama, too. Emmaline’s bottom is probably the cutest on campus (besides Liners’, of course) because she’s cloth diapered. Last but not least is Miss Margaret.  You can that she is quite shy and proper-with her dress pulled up as high as it would go!  Margaret is Adeline’s best friend and seven-hour-a-day sister.  It’s a shame you can’t see her big, beautiful smile in this picture.

As you can see, Adeline’s first Thanksgiving and our first Thanksgiving at Nashotah House was spent in wonderful company.  Though we weren’t with family, we certainly didn’t feel lonely.  In all, 72-ish of us gathered in thanksgiving of the Lord’s blessings.   It was a better Wisconsin thanksgiving than we had hoped for.  We hope all of your Thanksgivings were as blessed as ours was.


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