Pajama Party!

22 Nov


Yesterday (Thursday) Adeline and I had a pajama party all day.  If you notice in the above picture, I don’t look so great and I certainly didn’t (don’t) feel good at all.  So, Liners and I spent a day together in our pajamas (3 sets a piece because Adeline can’t keep her meals in her belly, it seems.). 

One of the best (read: worst!) things about good ‘ole community living is good ‘ole community illnesses.  If one person gets something, there is a good chance the rest of the community will catch it, too.  Think about it – the seminarians sit elbow to elbow in chapel, eat breakfast and lunch together, work together, and sit in class together.  Germs love this place!  I think we may have caught it, however, from the Canters.  Poor Matthew has been sick all week.  Luckily, it seems that Margaret and Ashley have missed it.  Adeline has been quite well, also. It has been poor Mama that suffers!

Before I was a parent illness wasn’t so  bad.   I would curl up in bed with some hot cocoa, a good book, some knitting, and end up sleeping most of the day.  Now that we have Adeline that sure isn’t happening.  I spent most of yesterday nursing her (a girl’s still gotta eat, no matter how sick mom is), playing with her (she doesn’t care that I don’t feel well, she still needs to be entertained), and cuddling her (if she’s going to get it, she was going to get it whether I gave her zurbers or not).  Basically, it would have been more relaxing had I gone to work!  But sick or not, it was wonderful to spend the day together.

The one bad thing that happened during the day is taht I had plenty of time to surf the internet.  I happneed to find a children’s book called Adeline.  It seems like a beautiful story about a girl discovering God’s love for her.  Perfect, right?  The problem is that I can only find it for $43 on eBay!  Holy cow!  A children’s book printed four years ago costs that much?  So I implore you, if you happen to see this book somewhere for less than $30, buy it!  I will pay you back!  Thanks to being sick, I am now occupying my time with trying to find a children’s book! 

I hope all of our (few) readers are well this week.  Whether it be in health or sickness, I pray that you find your little blessings through it.


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