I Present to You: Jabba the ‘Liner!

13 Nov


God save us! This little girl is truly the highest source of joy in my life. The best part of getting to know Adeline is hearing all the new sounds, and seeing the new faces she makes.

This new one takes the cake.

Why do I call this dear baby Jabba? Allow me to show you. I want to draw your attention to the puffed up cheeks and dull eyes. Going further south in the area of puffed up cheeks, please notice her puckered lips, saturated in drool. Do you get the point, yet? No? Please let me continue.

Notice the manifold neck rolls? I count three in this picture; I can attest to more (can you believe this is the 6lb baby we brought home nearly four months ago?) rolls still hidden. My favorite part of this display is the large dark spot on her overalls, where even more excess drool resides. Now, can you imagine that little bowl of alien frogs sitting right next to the Bumbo, waiting to be eaten?

And if you’re wondering, I play the role of Twi’lek slave who dances for the master.


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