Anglicans – not Anglican’ts

11 Nov

The Diocese of Quincy has officially re-aligned with the province of the Southern Cone.  (That means we have left the Episcopal church.)  Or, as Matthew would say, we are (southern) Coneheads! 

We are quite excited that we are now in communion with the rest of the Anglican world and are looking forward to being in a church that we will not be persecuted in. Matthew, Adeline, and I must now set-upon finding a local parish in which Matthew will be able to serve.  Many (or perhaps most) of the churches in the area may not welcome us as we are Quincians and Anglicans. We pray that we will find one church that we may be comfortable in and that will be comfortable having us.

While the big decision has been made for Quincy, there are plenty of other diocese, parishes, and individuals pondering the same decision.  We continue to pray for them and for those who believe it is their call to be persecuted by the national church. 

The three of us are proud to be “official” Anglicans.  Praise be to God!


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