“So you can leave, right?”

4 Nov

I never really wanted to air my feelings about the whole leaving situation. If I hear one more person ask me if I can leave Quincy, as though maybe there was some speck on my heart so to do, I’ll lose my mind.

Regardless of ulterior reasons for moving back to Iowa, the primary reason was to plant ourselves in a Quincy parish, and when the time was right, to resume my postulancy for the Holy Orders. I love Bishop Ackerman very much. I also have deep faith in the diocese itself; it’s been led by three amazing bishops, who I have the honor to still see and talk with.

I’ve already accepted the fact I’ll probably work a secular job as well as being a priest. I’m certainly not beholden to money – I’ll never have enough. There is but one thing I can do. That is to be a seminarian, continue to be formed, remain faithful to my God and my diocese (trusting that they’re going to zealously and compassionately represent their faithful) and make sure I’m leading my family appropriately. I’ll do nothing else, please drop the issue.

Verily, verily, I say unto you. The dead horse has been thoroughly beaten.


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