On the Impending Synod

3 Nov

The 10 of you who read this blog probably already know that this coming Saturday my diocese will be voting to remove its ascension clause to The Episcopal Church (TEC) and realign with the province of the Southern Cone. Whether you agree with this action or not, one is hard pressed to view this as anything other than extremely significant. Jenny and I have always supposed our diocese would come to this point. But this week is gut check time.

Regardless of my specific views on this subject, I will say that all the implications came to the fore at worship this morning, post-eucharist. The thought that next week I may be serving in my church with half of my brothers and sisters gone crushes me. The thought of the huge battle that’s to be fought on Saturday is pretty scary. There are other things happening that really aren’t appropriate to air in this medium. The bottom line is: we’re very scared, but remain very hopeful to continue Christ’s commission, and to live out the Gospel accordingly. Please pray for us.

I’d like to share with you a section from The Sayings of the Desert Fathers which I should ruminate upon. It would also behoove all my diocese to meditate on this before Saturday.

“One of the brethren asked the abbot Isidore, an old man in Scete saying, “Why do the devils fear thee so mightily?” And the old man said to him, “From the time that I was made a monk, I have striven not to suffer anger to mount as far as my throat.”


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